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[casi] Rangwala - Ritter - Rokke

**Glen Rangwala has published an expanded version of a piece that appeared
in the Independent - His "36 Lies that Launched a War" is published in the
UK at and in the US at

**Doug Rokke - He's been barnstorming Australia to national TV and radio
coverage, prompting two days of debate in their Senate about 'depleted'
uranium. Thanks to Shane Elson of Alternative Radio (Aust), we've posted an
mp3 audio of his interview with Rokke.

**Scott Ritter- The July 9 International Press Conference at Traprock
(moderated by Sunny Miller) has had a phenomenal response with 18,000
website visitors since Friday.
The audio has spread over many Indymedia's and websites.
On July 11, Wolf Blitzer interviewed him -

We have stressed our desire for people to download the audio and get local
radio to air it. That's happened in Boston. Where else?

*************** more on Scott Ritter and Doug Rokke*********************

Scott Ritter has announced a new book - "Frontier Justice: Weapons of Mass
Destruction and the Bushwhacking of America," published by Context Books.

Traprock  is organizing a national US DU tour with Doug (with many dates
filled but some still available) leading up to the World DU Conference in
Hamburg, Oct 16-19.
I you wish to host a US date by early October, or a European date
immediately before or after the DU conference, call Sunny Miller at

Charles Jenks, attorney at law
President of the Core Group
Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342
413-773-1633; Fax 413-773-7507

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