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[casi] an experiment in non abjact pleading

Dear Colleagues,

Got interviewed by a reporter from the big city.  Played it straight;
she's bright and prepared, so that was easy. Wanted to know why the U.S.
had not planned for post S.H. Iraqi. I said my guess, as an
ex-refugee,wa  that its for the same reason people don't worry too much
about squahing ants-- ant,  like refugees have no rights, no worth. Are
pretty low down on the scale of things among the geniuses who may give
us Vietnam, part II, a couple of 1000 miles east of the original.

   As an experiment, I being real direct with senators and other gutless
dingbats dialing for dollars and sent her my email to Senator Gregg. Boy
getting an email address  out of his staff was an adventure--strange in
this  perfect democracy which is exporting its proud unprecedented

Will let you know if she uses it and if I get back a reply from Duke
Gregg (we have nobility of course, just call 'em senators).

 I realize people disagree with me but am so desperate that I'm willing
to experiment,

p.s. naturally eager to hear what you think + big congrats for Glenn R.
who was dazzling on the best thing on U.S. radio and now tv: Democracy
Now (Amy Goodman).

pps Have the Blackhawk helicopters landed and the blackbirds fled the
Tower of London or does democracy still hang on in the UK? Boy  would be
cool if Blair calls in the American military to help save the UK? Wonder
if MI 5 is gonna burn the London Reichstagg as a little preliminary to
the big show.  (just kidding, I hope).

       What's happening with Galloway and why doesn't CASI care about
him or Scott Ritter even though they were right? They seem to be non
persons on CASI and the rest of even the progressive community. Do we
really want to abandon our friends?  Help this simple minded yank of
lowly east european origins understand.

letter to reporter followed by email to Sen. Gregg (all profile, no
courage, sorta like the 21st century JFK)

Hi.   I hope your not also still at the office. Am packing it in for
but thought this frank, nasty note to the guy with the best profile
JFK might be of interest.

     Some of us profs are abandoning abject supplication in favor of
telling the royalty in the senate what's really on our and the people's
minds. I realize this may be madness, but hell, playing nice has gotten
nowhere and the people nothing.

   As you know, and my students who work on the hill tell me the buffed
reps of the people don't have time to ponder the questions you raised
me this afternoon. . It's impossible to get them to put their pampered
liposuctioned butts  into luxury jets and fly out, not for a photo opt,
for a real investigative trip to Iraq and possibly shame the gov. into
putting a bit more priority on safe water for infants and at the expense
Pappa George's Bechtel helping to loot the oil.

  Though you might want to see one of my letters to one of the typical
jerks  too busy dialing for dollars to waste time on questions you and I

From:         " Tom Nagy, Ph.D." <>
9:21 PM

 Subject:         Why no reply from Ms. Monroe re Pipes?

Dear Sen. Gregg,

     I will be forced to send an op ed piece to every newspaper in you
home state if you and your staff continues to stonewall  on your refusal

to hold a hearing on the grotesque nomination of Dr. Pipes to the U.S.
Institute of Peace. It's not much, but   refusing to confirm Pipes, a
cheerleader for producing what preditibley is turning into  another 
Vietnam in
Iraq, would be a start on
reversing this  disastrous policy. As one of the 6 profs, Pipes vilified

in the NY Post, I have sought repeatedly to testify. Fat chance with you

as Chair. Ditto the ability to submit documents for the record...

    I trust, that like every effort to contact you or your staff,
including Ms. Monroe of the HEALTH committee which would hear the
nomination if bothered to you had called one, this effort will also 
and I will be forced to ask why you are so indifferent about the death
American service members, not to say
the killing of Iraqi infants which ultimately endangers our kids and
of our allies by putting priority on looting the oil
rather than providing at least the infants with safe water.

     If you had any regard for either the lives  service members  or
of  infants, you would place your buffed self into a nice luxury jet
and go to Basra and Baghdad until you shamed the USG into changing
priorities from oil to water.

     Well, at least you have a photogenic profile.

In despair of you cowards in the Senate,

Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.
Management Science Dept.
George Washington University
Washington, DC 20052

 of course I got no response from "my" Maryland Senators or
their staff.
The biggest clown was Sen. Sarbanes who either cut off (or suffered
failure of
his email and his fax). Yeah, wonna bet if  his big contributors had a
phone #
for their own use that got picked up between the 2nd and 3rd ring :-). ]


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