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Re: [casi] Saddams WMD in Samarra Tunnels - US intelligence Estimates

> The DEBKA problem runs much deeper.
> They have perfected the art of organised
> disinformation and have brought it to a novel
> level of "self-disinformation".

> But why in spite of that all am I posting some of
> their material here?
> Cause it's quite useful and very important to
> study such stuff for exploring trends - existing ones
> as well as those to be engineered....

Dear Andreas,

I must confess that I had never heard of Debka.
Nor should I have been able to recognize - had I
read the article - the sophistication of
"organised disinformation" brought to the level
of "'self-disinformation"'. My little mind can't
grasp that.

But I am glad you answered your question. And
thank you to Peggy for asking you about it.
Now at least I know what disinformation surprises
to expect from you. :)

It did occur to me that you might want to stimulate
CASI's collective mind. Still, pieces about the
elusive WMDs - in tunnels or in cuckoos nests - at
the level of "'self-disinformation"' could be quite
a challenge, at least to me.

> (Please see also the article "Break up Iraq" I
> posted earlier today.)

I only skimmed that article but the title alone made
we wonder why it was posted on CASI. It's an opinion
piece by a retired US army officer, published in the
Washington Post, a right-wing (Moony) paper - a Bushie
mouthpiece. Still, the Wash Post and the author might
appreciate the exposure.

But here is another point you may want to consider:

There are Iraqis living in Iraq reading this list.
CASI was originally created to help Iraqis.

And what Iraqis don't need now is fantasies about
further harm to Iraq. Things are bad enough as it is.
I found the mere title "Break up Iraq" depressing.
And I should find it even more so if I were an Iraqi.
Besides, all of this is speculation. Why expose
people who have suffered so much to such negative,
hateful fantasies?
(Please forgive me for saying this.)

If you are at rock bottom, there is only one way
you can go, and that's up, a friend of mine used
to say. The thought helps.

And we want to help Iraqis to come through this,
don't we?

I think we can help them a little with expressions
of solidarity, encouragement... and hope. Something
to hang on to, however shaky, in a situation that
has hit rock bottom.

Another thing Iraqis clearly need is practical
help. And there are many things that can be done.

> Reading the signs on the propaganda/psy ops
> wall could help avoid crashing into it.

Rising to the bait is just what propagandists
want you to do - keeping people occupied with red
herrings. That way they won't have time to notice
the injustice that's going on. Or think of solutions.

Besides, anyone who wants to recognize propaganda,
will recognize it when he sees it - without prior
preparation, I think.

> Hoping I did not sound too harsh ... or too
> enigmatic.

And I hope I am not sounding too critical. It's
a comment on our times, not on your postings.

We get so much propaganda and disinformation, and
little else it seems. Just the same negative ideas
bouncing back and forth...

Negative ideas create negative moods. It's
happening to me. And how can the fragile flower
of hope grow in such a climate?

What the world needs is positive thoughts. Creative
thoughts. Ambitious thoughts. Compassionate thoughts.
Satirical thoughts... Or just plain facts. But not
propaganda of any stripe. That's how I feel, anyhow.


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