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Re: [casi] Yeah, Yippee - Kill that Looter Ratpack ...

>As an Iraqi, I was disgusted by the scenes
>of looting of public buildings, hospitals and museums in >broad
daylight.These looters, locally called"Ali Babas", >are a disgrace to the
Iraqi society, who disown them and >will indict them as common criminals.
In the meantime,
>they should be deterred by all means possible, including >shooting that
looter pack.

I think we are all disgusted by the looting -- including the looting of
the entire country by the invaders. There has been entirely too much
shooting already, however, and any more should be avoided if at all
possible - i.e., only in legitimate self-defense. That raises the
question as to whether any Iraqi shooting any occupier might not be
self-defense, but I don't want to deal with that right now.

The question at hand, regarding looting of the sites, can be approached
by considering the general state of security, which is intimately bound
with Iraqi independence. As long as the US/UK is controllling Iraq,
security must be flawed just by the fact that it is being imposed from
the outside, from parties whose interests are not those of the Iraqi
people. Those who have said it will take up to 2 years to hold elections
because the Iraqis must first be taught about what democracy is are
obviously incompetent to make decisions about Iraq. These are same people
who failed at securing the museum and library, various other public
buildings, but have shown excellence only in their ability to shoot or
otherwise kill or destroy people and physical resources. That slaughter
itself did much to motivate some people to loot -- to get what they can
for their survival.

The occupiers could post guards to discourage looters at these sights,
which would likely help some, but the only true solution is to put the
Iraqis back in charge of their country (which should be feasible within
threee months -- it might have been done already if the invaders were
serious in their claims about liberation), and then the Iraqis themselves
can dissuade, arrest, indict, or otherwise deal with looters in legal and
moral ways, and with legitimate authority -- not with the lynch-mob
"justice" meted out by war criminals.

It would be better for UN forces to guard the sites temporarily --
nothing the US/UK does in Iraq can be really legitimate any more than any
action of a burglar who has broken into a house can be legitimate, aside
from getting out and paying reparations.

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