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Re: [casi] Yeah, Yippee - Kill that Looter Ratpack ...

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In a message dated 07/10/2003 5:17:01 AM Central Daylight Time, writes:

> As for those outraged by this suggestion ,let alone its implementation by
> the Coalition Forces, they have already criticised them for standing by while
> looting took place.This begs the question, what would they like these forces

Your suggestion of course is that there are only two options, either let the
people (starving) loot, or kill them.  This is of course an inaccurate
assessment of the options.  I am sure we need look no further than the law
enforcement community (oops USuk blew them up) in order to deter the looting.
Of course this ignores the reasons that these people loot, which is that they
(majority) are either hungry or thirsty or in dire need of monies to provide
for their family.  I am curious as to whether the author of this email would
also suggest shooting the US troops who looted the Airport there in Baghdad
recently?  Careful....
I am troubled that an individual would place a higher value on material
goods, than one does on human life.  Sickening.
I am in fact an anthropologist, the point of anthropology is to understand
the human culture.  It seems odd to me that an individual who is also in the
field would suggest killing a human in order to preserve information about
humans.  Goodness that seems backward to me.  Perhaps we could just feed them and
their families, offer them an opportunity to work, and take away their reasons
to "loot."
What does NOT seem backward to me is that the person calling himself Muhamad
(the Iraqi), would call on the forces of the USuk to kill more Iraqi human
beings rather than to solve the problem creating the situation.
Yours in idiocy,

Roger Stroope
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff USA

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