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Re: [casi] Yeah, Yippee - Kill that Looter Ratpack ...

Dear Hassan and list:
        Just before days I came across a very limited demo. Mohammed al-Saa?di (a daily paid 
worker) with his son Ali (12 years old), the both came from Amara province, about 200 km south of 
Baghdad, carrying a banner saying that American soldiers stole his money ($1200) while being 
searched in a check point. That amount of money was all what he had after selling his furniture and 
households trying to find a safe place. He was with his family on the way to Kut when he was 
robbed. He was carrying with him tens of letters he tried to send it to the occupation authorities 
but he failed, and you know that the Iraqi police officers have not any authority.  The both stood 
under the heat of the sun for hours asking the help. But!
        Al-Saa?di is one examples from tens happened and would happen here and there.. During the 
invasion and on that sad day April 9, many so called ?opposition? personalities were on the KSat, 
Kurd Satellite TV and Kuwait Sat TV urging the ?Iraqis? that made Mohammed disgusted now, urging 
them to loot and burn assuring that those actions are a revenge from Saddam oppression.  As usual, 
they used them through their statements and Kuwaiti money and instructions and now asking 
?coalition forces? to shoot tem!!
The situation here, in Iraq, is going from bad to worse. The ?opposition? parties that came back on 
the board of the American tanks lost their credibility, if they had any..
Indeed those who came back through Americans and those who looted and burnt astonished me through 
the amount of hate they bear toward Iraq.
        I think that we will face such a thing and statement; yet, we will do our best to restore 
our Iraq, inshallah.
Nermin al-Mufti, occupied Baghdad

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>From: Hassan Zeini []
>Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2003 11:05 AM
>To: 'CASI'
>Subject: Re: [casi] Yeah, Yippee - Kill that Looter Ratpack ...
>Dear List,
>Mohammed Ali seems to be very selective as to what
>posts merit his informed comments. It is certainly his
>privilege, as it is his right to deceive himself as he
>To start with, there is no such thing as "the
>Coalition Forces", a term not even the US uses
>anymore. The US/UK forces in Iraq are "Occupation
>forces", even in the mind of the UN SC. The only
>people who insist on calling the occupiers "Coalition
>Forces" are their stooges who mistakenly think this
>will gain them recognition from the US.. How much they
>misunderstand history and its lessons...
>Mohammed says the looters are called "Ali Babas", but
>he fails to tell us that the Iraqis now call US
>soldiers "Ali Babas". That is because on numerous
>cases, some taking place in front of TV cameras, those
>soldiers stole money from Iraqis and were forced to
>return them amid shouts of "Ali Babas" from Iraqis
>present... Property has been confiscated, especially
>satellite phones, which those soldiers have used to
>call their families. We have heard reports of those
>caught in Jordan and the US with things stolen from
>Iraq.. Should those soldiers too be shot?
>What should be done to those "parties" that dismantled
>installations of Iraq's major dams in the North in
>1991 and sold generators, masts and equipment to the
>Iranians? Are those "Ali Babas" who should also be
>Then there were those who stole cars from the centre
>of Iraq and smuggled them to Iran too. What should be
>done to them?
>The world has criticized the US/UK forces of
>occupation for letting the looting take place while
>they were watching.. There are numerous reports that
>tell us how those soldiers not only allowed the
>looting, but in fact encouraged it.. It is not honest
>to now come and accuse us of not letting the soldiers
>do their job. They didn't do it when they should have,
>and now it is too late to try to correct the mistake
>(if it were indeed a mistake and not intentional) or
>cover up the bigger crime by shooting some petty
>When I spoke of selective replies from Mohammed, I
>meant his abstention from referring to the news
>reported by TIME magazine
>that "in the case of the international airport outside
>Baghdad, however, the theft and vandalism were
>conducted largely by victorious American troops,
>according to U.S. officials, Iraqi Airways staff
>members and other airport workers. The troops, they
>say, stole duty-free items, needlessly shot up the
>airport and trashed five serviceable Boeing
>airplanes."  The cost of the damage and theft go as
>high as $100 million. Does Mohammed want those
>responsible for these thefts to be shot in the same
>way as those who looted Iraq's archeological
>We have also read reports of Al-Chalabi's men accused
>by the Americans of stealing hundreds of millions of
>dollars from Iraqi banks during the chaos. Should they
>too be shot?? Or should the former governor of Najaf,
>appointed by the Americans against the will of the
>people and later imprisoned by the US for theft, also
>be shot??
>Mohammed asks: "what would they like these forces to
>do to please them and what is their alternative for
>the Iraqi people??"
>The issue is not pleasing us or themsleves. The issue
>is doing what is right and legal.. This war was
>illegal, and the occupation remains illegal regardless
>of what resolutions the SC adopts.
>As an Iraqi myself, I want the Americans to leave Iraq
>and let Iraqis decide for themselves what to do. For
>13 years we wanted the US to lift sanctions and let
>Iraqis decide their lives alone, but the US, supported
>by people who call themselves Iraqis, refused that
>insisting that lifting sanctions was bad.. The US
>reverted to lies and fabrications about Iraq's weapons
>to justify an illegal war, all the time supported by
>the same "Iraqis".
>The alternative has been there for 13 years, but
>people like Mohammed insisted that the only way was
>that Iraq be attacked again, destroyed again, and
>thousands more killed. We were told repeatedly that
>that was a price worth paying to get rid of the
>regime. This is easy to say when those people sit in
>the US or UK; they are not the ones paying the price..
>The alternative is for an Iraq free from intervention;
>an Iraq worthy of its heritage and its culture; an
>Iraq that does not need the world's worst terrorist
>state to teach it right from wrong..
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