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[casi] "Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain..."!!!!

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism,
since it is the merger of state and corporate power."
[Benito Mussolini]

Dear List,

No one who has been giving any thought to the
world situation can possibly believe that Bush has
been waging wars out of fear, revenge, or the desire
to 'liberate' human beings. Nor will they believe
that he (ie, the neocons) will stop with Iraq.

So on May 16, 2003, concerned US politicians,
lawyers, and other citizens placed a full page ad
in the Washington Post to protest against US politics.
Many of you may have seen it.

The supporters of this ad wanted to alert the public
of the dangers inherent in cold-blooded realpolitik,
and to stimulate public debate. They also wanted to
encourage citizens in the US and the world to keep
resisting the propaganda that's flooding the media.

The ad featured a wizard of Oz cartoon with this

"Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain..."!!!!

But please pay attention to the message of this ad.

Elga Sutter

And here is the text (Washington Post):

If you were a subscriber to From The Wilderness,
here is what you would already know:


The war which will not end in our lifetimes is being
waged because the world is beginning to run out of oil
and gas. The gap between demand and production will
increase forever. This is called Peak Oil. There is only
enough conventional oil to last at present consumption
rates for 35 years. Yet demand is increasing every year.
There are no more large reserves to find. The Caspian
Sea bonanza which was estimated at 250 billion barrels
(Gb) in 1995-6, has turned out to be less than 40 Gb
after two years of drilling. The world consumes a
billion barrels of oil every 12 days.

On average, every barrel will now be more expensive to
pump. Oil fields are dead when it takes more energy to
pump oil than one gets from burning it. The only sources
of cheap oil, in quantity, are the OPEC nations of the
Middle East until they also peak in about 8 years. Iran
has already passed its peak of production and will begin
to import gasoline next year. The U.S. passed its peak
of production in 1970. Within 20 years we will be
importing 70% of our oil. So will China. About 60% of
all recoverable oil is in the Middle East.

Hydrogen is too far away. It takes more than 3,000
gallons of gaseous hydrogen to equal one gallon of
gasoline. Fuel cells do not create energy - they only
store it. Producing commercial hydrogen requires both
electricity and natural gas. It takes more energy to
produce hydrogen than burning it yields. It is too late
to change the infrastructure before economic and social
crises begin.

The war which will not end in our lifetimes will
include: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Colombia, Venezuela, West
Africa, and the Southwest Pacific; anywhere there are
significant reserves of oil and gas. These conflicts are
being created now through The National Security Strategy
of the U.S. Afghanistan and Iraq were only the beginning.


This ad is gratefully placed while Americans still have
the right to speak publicly. Since 9/11 five amendments
of our cherished Bill of Rights (the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th,
and 8th) have either been completely or partially
nullified by provisions of the Patriot Act, The Homeland
Security Bill and administration policy. A law secretly
drafted by the administration and pending introduction,
Patriot Act II, seeks further major revocations of our
liberties. Some 30 major cities and the State of New
Mexico have passed resolutions opposing the Patriot Act.

The government may now forcibly vaccinate Americans with
vaccines that have not been tested for efficacy,
incarcerate them for refusal, and seize their property.
Yet it has granted immunity to preposterously wealthy
vaccine makers when people become seriously ill or die
as a result. Already, three have died from smallpox
vaccines and scores have become ill.


Two million have lost jobs since 2001. Corporate fraud
still destroys Americas pension plans. The Pension
Benefit Guaranty Corporation is insolvent. Deficits are
soaring. Social Security is being looted. State and
local governments are severely troubled. Individual and
national debt is at unsustainable levels and personal
bankruptcies have hit an all-time high. Financial and
gold markets are rigged and the U.S. economy is at least
partially sustained by laundering almost a trillion
dollars of criminal money through Wall Street each
yearmost of it from those who control the global drug


There were no opium poppies in Afghanistan on 9/11.
According to the New York Times, ABC, and the DEA, the
Taliban wiped out opium production before 9/11. Yet
since the U.S. occupation, from areas controlled by the
CIA and U.S. military, Afghanistan is again the worlds
leading opium producer. This has restored an estimated
$200 billion in cash to the world banking system.


Last year Senator Fritz Hollings asked the White House
to submit an audited federal budget. It refused. CBS
News and INSIGHT Magazine have told us that the Pentagon
has lost more than $3.3 trillion of taxpayer money
between 1999 and 2001. That moneyyour moneyis gone.
Corporations like Lockheed-Martin and DynCorpwhich has
been connected to a child prostitution ring in the
Balkanshave contracts to do the data processing for
these agencies. For FY1999 HUD made an adjustment to
their checkbook after misplacing $59 billion. There are
many connections with Enron. Herbert Pug Winokur sat on
DynCorps Board until recently and was also the chair of
the Enron finance committee.


The Bush Administration, like the Clinton
Administration, is committing crimes. It has illegally
refused to release Reagan-Bush presidential papers. It
has hidden the records of the Vice Presidents Energy
Task Force behind an illegal appellate court ruling. It
has concealed possible criminal conflicts of interest
involving John Ashcroft who received 2000 campaign
donations from Exxon-Mobil, now identified as a target
of multiple three-year grand jury investigations, which
have just produced New York felony indictments. As known
targets of those grand juries, Mobil and BP were allowed
closed-door access to the secret formation of US energy
policy. Dick Cheney has been sued by Halliburton
stockholders for book-cooking while he was the CEO.
Recently, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Powell presented
documents, now acknowledged to be forgeries, to argue
for the invasion of Iraq.


There is overwhelming evidence from public and
congressional records that the Bush Administration had
full foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks and did nothing
to prevent them. Reported billions in 9/11 insider
trading have resulted in official silence rather than
asset forfeiture. Standard FAA and NORAD procedures
requiring fighters to be scrambled were contravened
during the attacks. One supervisory FBI agent, who
actively and forcefully interfered with five separate
investigations that might have prevented the attacks,
as acknowledged by other FBI personnel themselves, was
actually promoted afterwards.


The Pentagon has consistently refused to produce audited
financial statements and has undocumentable adjustments
of over $3.3 trillion in recent years. Despite
significant budget increases, the Army indicates that
they cannot produce audited financials for FY2001 as a
result of the loss of financial management personnel
sustained during the September 11 terrorist attack.
Secretary Rumsfeld can, however, issue billions in new
mission-critical contracts to private contractors
running the information and accounting systems that are
mysteriously missing $3.3 trillion. The more money that
goes missing at the Pentagon, the more those responsible
appear to profit from failure. Our national security is
controlled by political appointees who cannot protect
their own bank accounts and office building, but can
move resources out of the hands of experienced military
leadership to Lockheed Martin, CSC DynCorp and other
corporations to wage war. To add insult to injury, the
Army has issued no-bid sole-source contracts to
Halliburton to manage Iraqi oil. The State Dept USAID
has awarded a no-bid, sole-source contract of up to $500
million to CSC DynCorp to run police, prisons and
judiciary in Iraq. This, despite CSC DynCorps problems
related to employee sex slave trafficking and mafia
associations in Eastern Europe. This is not a military
run by experienced government employees loyal to the
American people. This is a stock market play that is all
dirty laundry and no accountability.

-- Catherine Austin Fitts, Solari, Inc.;
Assistant Secretary of Housing First Bush
Administration, Former Managing Director Dillon Read

U.S. Army Field Manual 27-10, The Law of Land Warfare,
binds President Bush in his constitutional capacity as
Commander in Chief of U.S. Armed Forces. Paragraphs 498
and 500 of the Manual expressly incorporate the
Nuremberg concept of Crimes Against Peace, and apply
them to U.S. Government Officials, whether civilian or
military. The 1945 Nuremberg Charter defines Crimes
against Peace as: planning, preparation, initiation or
waging of a war of aggression, or a war in violation of
international treaties, agreements or assurances, or
participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the
accomplishment of any of the foregoing. The United
States government prosecuted and executed Nazi Leaders
at Nuremberg for the commission of Crimes against Peace,
among other international crimes. I oppose the
imposition of the death penalty upon any person for any
reason. But because he has committed a Nuremberg Crime
against Peace by waging a war of aggression against Iraq
in violation of the United Nations Charter and the
Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact, President Bush should be
impeached, convicted and removed from Office for also
committing high crimes and misdemeanors in accordance
with Article II, Section 4 of the United States

-- Francis A. Boyle, Professor of Law,
University of Illinois College of Law in Champaign;
Founder National Campaign to Impeach Bush, Cheney,
Rumsfeld & Ashcroft.

Beware the Land of Oz. For it is only in the Land of Oz
that a handful of vainglorious men could send hundreds
of thousands of young soldiers off to fight in an
illegal war. And only in the Land of Oz can The Grand
Wizard erode basic civil rights and call it enhanced
security. And, where but in Oz could a felon, convicted
of lying in public, be put in charge of Total
Information Awareness? In America, 160,000 veterans
suffer chronic illnesses from the first Gulf War and
tonight thousands of them will sleep on the street. 75
million Americans had no health insurance in 2001 or
2002. Unemployment is at an 8-year high. Meanwhile, at
the Wizards court, men of dubious reputation, gorge
themselves at the peoples expense. Expose the Grand
Wizard; this is our America, not Oz.

-- Five-term Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney
(McKinney was unseated last year after openly
questioning war profiteering by corporations like the
Carlyle Group and ignored 9/11 warnings. A massive and
illegally orchestrated crossover Republican vote in her
2003 primary ensured her opponents victory. She has
since been vindicated by both congressional hearings and
by a March 16 story by Greg Schneider in The Washington

[Thank you to the elected representatives who have
challenged the new Empire, including: Ron Paul, John
Conyers, Dennis Kucinich, Russ Feingold, Barbara Lee,
James Sensenbrenner, Dan Burton, Bob Barr, Henry Waxman,
Pat Leahy, Ron Wyden, and Paul Wellstone.]

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