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[casi] [Fwd: Your comment does not work, so I'm sending to u]

Dear Colleagues,

     Thanks to CASI for supplying the web site of the occupiers  of Iraq. I
tried responding  to the comments section; but, surprise,  it malfunctioned,
so here's what I sent to the webmaster.

     I'd appreciate your comments.


p.s. hope the eerie BBC series on how the U.S. invades the UK is not
happening to punish Blair the Truth-teller, since that he  has not yet 
rendered the BBC to Camp X Ray for re-education into the wonders of Slick
Willie Politics with a graduate level course on the meaning of "is".

" Tom Nagy, Ph.D." wrote:

> Dear Webmaster,
>    Since the "comment" feature of the Occupation website does not work,
> please forward this to the appropriate authorities ASAP and ask those
> folks to  send me notification of the  receipt of this message.
>    July 8, 2003
> I write as a professor who has researched the reasons for the
> catastrophic level of death  and the continuing catastrophic level of
> death of Iraqi children. I disseminated my research  have  twice at
> DOD's  JSCOPE conferences in 1999 and 2001, at the Karolinska
> Institute,  at the International Association of Genocide Scholars and in
> dozens of interviews including Swiss Public TV, the "Progressive"
> Magazine, etc.
>  It seems obvious, even from your own  website, that the Coalition
> Provisional Authority is turning a blind eye to the leading cause of
> death among children under 5 in Iraq since the imposition of the
> sanctions in 1990 and up to the present moment of US military
> occupation: the lack of potable water.
>   Surely the U.S. government is not at war with any  children under the
> age of 5. Surely you understand that killing even more Iraqi children,
> by any means (including setting too  low priorities  for provision of
> safe water)  endangers our children rather than safeguards our own
> children.
>    What keeps you from starting an urgent crash program to provide safe
> water, at least for children under the age of 5 in Iraq and having an
> trusted, believable, independent agency with years of experience in Iraq
> (such as Care, Inc. the leading NGO  attempting to rehabilitate Iraq's
> water system despite the US sanctions imposed under the UN's fig leaf)
> monitor your progress in  limiting  or accelerating the loss of infant
> lives, especially relative to your progress in seizing the petroleum?
> For the medical statistics, the best source would be UNICEF, especially
> the very people who did the definitive study on surplus infant and under
> 5 deaths in Iraq and who published their results in the most rigorous
> medical journal, The Lancet in 2000.
>    How is it possible that you did not have these people in place with
> adequate funding and security months ago? Your failure is hardly less
> than criminal in light of the fact that the World Health Organization
> was warning as early as April that Basra, followed by the rest of Iraq
> was running desperately short on chlorine and that the results of the
> shortage would be a humanitarian disaster.
>    Have you no compassion, even for American service members (including
> perhaps former students of mine) who are bound to die as some  Iraqis
> and some parts of the  world recoils in horror to you priorities. As a
> pacifist, I dread the possibility, now perhaps made  inevitable of
> another bloodbath propelled by your cruel priorities -- your placing oil
> over safe water, even for children.
>    You offer $55 million for the head of S.H. and his sons, but what
> will you spend  to save the bodies of the Iraqi infants?
>     You send elite troops to hunt down S.H. and his sons, but what about
> enabling the elite forces of civil engineering and public health with
> more than a decade of experience in Iraq to do  their jobs?
>     Good, God, are you going to ignite WWIII by your continuing  lust
> for revenge and your contempt for your obligations under international
> law?
>     May I remind you as individuals that "superior orders" cannot be
> used in defense  for war crimes but only in the mitigation  phase of
> the  trials that will surely come if you continue to commit  crimes
> against humanity, even if these crime are crimes of  mis- prioritization
> which cause so many infant death that they which outrage the mute earth.
>       It will not merely be the children of Iraq who will curse you, but
> your children and the rest of the children of America and of the world
> whom you endanger.
>    For the sake of humanity, turn the provision of safe water over to
> the experts who have labored on this agonizing task for more than a
> decade, despite the cruel sanctions designed to frustrate their
> attempts. If you are to have any credibility, then call one of the
> humanitarian ex Assistant Secretary Generals of the UN: Denis Halliday
> in NY or Hans Von Sponeck in Geneva and beg them to lead the effort on
> terms which they see fit based on their experience in Iraq.
> Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.
> Assoc. Professor of Expert Systems
> George Washington University
> Washington, D.C. 20052
> 202/994-7090
> Researcher in Iraq for Physicians for Global Survival, the Canadian
> affiliate of the IPPNW which won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985.
> P.s. I hope to testify before Sen. Greg's committee when he holds
> hearing on the nomination of Dr. Pipes. I will ask that this letter to
> you be made a part of the permanent record.

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