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[casi] Iraq & the World.

Dear List,

These are gruelling days for the British government, it's supporters & much
of the opposition. Up to their necks in bulls---, it looks like flimsy, or
fabricated, "evidence" has been good enough as a reason to go to war. Nor
are we expected to doubt the sincerity & integrity of our politicians. They
know best,
the rest of us are expected to nod in agreement, when our leaders tell us
they "believe" such & such.
If there is no evidence, don't worry, just give us time & we'll find it. In
the meantime, shoot first & - as
in the Wild West - ask questions afterwards.

CASI, since it's beginnings, has been, primarily, about Iraq. Frequently,
other countries have been discussed, on the site, e.g. France, Turkey,
Russia, Israel/Palestine, Britain, USA, China etc. Is it in order to discuss
countries, other than Iraq, on this List? I'm not criticising, simply
asking. As an example, if I
understand correctly, George Galloway is convinced that the issue of
Palestine is absolutely crucial to the
Middle East, which would include Iraq. If so, should not Palestine be
discussed here, not just fleetingly, but thoroughly & in great detail,
perhaps in relation to the 'Road Map'?

Another issue, perhaps somewhat controversial. Recently, I've had some,
fairly lengthy, exchanges with an Israeli citizen, living in (West?)
Jerusalem. Knowing that CASI, & other political lists, are scrutinised by
Intelligence services - one doesn't need a degree in Quantum Physics to
figure that out - from various parts of the world, including the Middle
East, Britain, USA etc., am I being paranoid by feeling somewhat uneasy? I
do think there are propagandists, spooks & spinners, out there, on the other
hand, I accept that some people who join in (my Israeli contact was via an
Arabic article, I had forwarded, about alleged Israeli business-dealings in
Iraq) may be perfectly inoffensive. Should we, or should we not be on our
guard against any infiltration - or am I making a mountain out of the
proverbial molehill?

In conclusion, I quote from an active correspondent, on this List: "Don't
let your mind become an occupied territory!"


Bert Gedin.

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