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[casi] Bremer: Iraqi "budget'"revealed

Reuters UPDATE 2-U.S.civilian authority announces new Iraq banknotes

[...]  "..Bremer also approved a budget for the second half of 2003 of nine
trillion dinars with over half its revenues from oil sales.

The budget, based on the Saddam dinar, allocates 440 billion dinars for
electricity, which has become a sore spot for most Iraqis enduring frequent
power cuts during soaring summer temperatures.

Billions more dinars will be spent on security, public health,
telecommunications and water and sewage, Bremer said.

The senior CPA official said the cash budget assumed oil revenues of $3.5
billion. The budget will be revised if Iraq is unable to achieve that level
of oil exports, the CPA official said."

also today,

(AFX-Focus) 2003-07-02 12:59 GMT: UK's Straw meets US' Bremer in Baghdad
during surprise trip -

BAGHDAD (AFX) - The UK's foreign secretary Jack Straw has arrived on a
surprise visit to Baghdad and is attending a meeting with US overseer Paul
Bremer, a coalition official said.

Straw flew into Baghdad from the southern city of Basra, where he met
British coalition troops controlling the region, said British press officer
Emily Hands.

Hands confirmed he is currently holding talks with Bremer, but has declined
to disclose the venue for the meeting.

This is Straw's first visit to Iraq since the ouster of Saddam Hussein's
regime by the US-UK coalition on April 9.

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