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RE: [casi] Iraqis Grapple With Fears Of Israeli Infiltration

Dear David & List,

Thanks for your comments (on behalf of the Israeli government, judging by
your e-mail address?) - The "Thousand and One Nights fantasy", as you
describe it, whether written in Iraq, or elsewhere on this planet, comprises
many, enduring, masterpieces of world literature. Have you - as I have -
read those stories, and have you read about how they came to be written?  -
The truth of any given situation - including your ?base, West Jerusalem, &
Israel/Palestine surely has to be what matters. Personally, I don't
subscribe to the idea that all Arabic sources, inevitably, are unworthy of
consideration. Nor do I, always, implicitly trust Western or Israeli sources
(Perhaps you were writing in a personal capacity?).


Bert Gedin,
Birmingham, UK.

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>Subject: RE: [casi] Iraqis Grapple With Fears Of Israeli Infiltration
>Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2003 09:37:26 +0200
>Remember always that the Thousand and One Nights fantasy was also
>written in Baghdad.
>David Zohar
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>Subject: [casi] Iraqis Grapple With Fears Of Israeli Infiltration
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>A note from Bert Gedin :
>      Very interesting - & well worth reading. BG.
>Send to you on Thursday July 03, 2003 04:06 PM
>From, available online at:
>Iraqis Grapple With Fears Of Israeli Infiltration
>Additional Reporting by Aws al-Sharqy
>BAGHDAD - Reports were rife in the Iraqi capital Baghdad that Israeli
>companies and intelligence elements were being housed in the famous
>Baghdad Hotel which was rented by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency
>(CIA) and some American reconstruction firms.
>"We were surprised that some people rented the whole hotel and were
>later told they were from the CIA and that the building would be devoted
>for them and other accompanying agents," a hotel employee told IOL
>Tuesday, June 24, on condition of anonymity.
>He said that hotel employees noted Monday that more foreigners and armed
>civilians "were seen roaming the hotel, with increasing whispers that
>they were here to protect Israeli companies working that rented several
>rooms in the hotel.
>"The light guns they were carrying were not U.S.-made but rather appear
>to be the well-known Iraeli Ouzi machineguns," said the hotel employee
>to IOL correspondent outside the heavily guarded hotel.
>Ousting all guests from the Baghdad Hotel, the U.S. forces even
>prevented the shop owners from entering the hotel and refused to pay
>them compensations.
>"I was told to vacate my shop, which I have rented 26 years ago, in two
>hours time," complained Hamid Al-Izawi, expecting the decision to extend
>to other shops located in the hotel vicinity.
>"They even refused to compensate us for the rent money we had paid for
>the whole of this year, " he lamented.
>IOL correspondent tried to enter the hotel, but was banned by U.S. and
>Iraqi security members, who also prevented him from taking any photos.
>"The hotel is now rented by U.S. reconstruction companies," they told
>the reporter.
>The incident coincided with the circulation of an anonymous leaflet in
>Baghdad this week urging Iraqis to shun that hotel, because it was used
>by Jews and Israeli intelligence elements.
>Signed by "a sincere Iraqi Muslim," the leaflet sounded the alarms that
>some people were buying houses from Iraqis at sky-high prices for the
>interest of Jews.
>The warning found credit among mosque preachers and Iraqi citizens, with
>reports that Israelis were seeking to lay their hands on key buildings
>in sensitive areas of the capital.
>"Jews will try to lure Iraqis into selling their homes at whatever
>prices, and control the media in order to spread corruption and
>immorality," asserted Muhanad Abdullah, Imam of Omar Ibn Al-Khatab
>"But we will fight them, and will never allow a rerun of the Palestine
>episode," said Sheikh Muhanad, in reference to the Israeli occupation of
>Palestinian territories.
>On Friday, a Sunni Muslim prayer leader charged that U.S. forces
>occupying Iraq were opening up the country to "Jews" and chided Iraqis
>he said were working as "brokers" for the Jewish infiltrators, Agence
>France-Presse (AFP) reported.
>"The Jews, civilian and military people, are now entering Iraq ...
>buying property, factories and companies while Iraqis work for them as
>brokers and guides," Sheikh Mahmud Khalaf told the faithful during
>weekly Muslim prayers in Baghdads Sheikh Abdul Kader al-Kilani mosque.
>"It is a sin for Iraqs people to sell their lands to the Jews and to
>deal with the Jews in this way," he said.
>The warnings came few days after U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary John
>Taylor invited Israeli companies to join hands in the reconstruction of
>Taylor said in an interview with the Israeli daily Yediot Ahoront
>Saturday, June 21, that the Iraqi market would be always open to Israeli
>Press Warning
>Grapping with news of Jewish infiltration of the U.S.-occupied country,
>Iraqi press joined in with a flurry of reports about acquisitions of
>Iraqi estate by Jewish interests.
>"A hotel in the city center hosts a group of Zionists seeking to buy
>homes and palaces that belonged to officials of the former regime," the
>daily al-Dawa wrote last week under the headline, "The secrets of a
>Karrada hotel."
>"Jews are coming and buying as they did in Palestine," echoed Al-Hilal,
>while another newspaper, citing Baghdad residents who were offered big
>money to sell their homes, wondered if "Jews were about to reclaim
>property confiscated (when they left) in 1951."
>Israeli public television reported on Saturday that a representative of
>the Jewish Agency had visited Iraq to check on the safety of Jews since
>Saddams ouster.
>Some 100,000 Jews were living in Iraq before the creation of Israel in
>1948, but most left to the Jewish state and only around 40 Jews remain
>in Iraq now.
>The tiny Jewish community lives in Baghdad, chiefly around a synagogue
>in the Batawin district.
>-[IslamOnline & News Agencies:][1]
>The story was published on June 25, 2003 06:00 AM
>Disclaimer: The articles written in this section express only the
>opinions of the writers themselves. is not responsible for
>any facts, figures or orientations mentioned in these articles.
>   1.
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