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[casi] Kucinich [and contact info]

What Kucinich is about and a probable way to pursue contacting him is
below. I expect that communications between CASI (and/or list members)
and Kucinich would be mutually beneficial. Even if he doesn't win the
election he is well connected with the Democrats and various government
offices, and he could also make use of good information regarding the
current Iraqi situation.

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Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 22:58:23 EDT

Dear Friends of Peace:

The MoveOn primary would not have happened had you not made the right
choice.  Illinois Dennis Kucinich supporters again thank you!

 Please read important message about and from our candidate . . .
Congressman Dennis Kucinich, leader of antiwar opposition in the House,
continued to challenge the Bush Administration on the lead-up to war in
Iraq, issuing a statement today: "Last October, this Congress voted to
give the President the authority to use force against Iraq to thwart an
imminent threat from Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (WMD)."The
Administration urged action against
an imminent threat. So Congress voted, only weeks before the 2002
Some Democrats voted for it thinking there would be an opportunity to
refocus on domestic issues. Instead national security and Iraq's
so-called imminent
threat became the divisive issue in the election. The question became:
who was patriotic and who wasn't. "The Administration capitalized on the
fears of Americans. They misrepresented the nature of the Iraqi threat.
They misled Congress.
They misled the American people. By pushing for a quick vote before the
election, they changed the election and manipulated the outcome. "The
Resolution of Inquiry will establish the truth once and for all.
"Kucinich's Resolution of Inquiry in the House to force the
Administration to turn over intelligence to back its claims on Iraq's
WMDs, is now signed by 36 Congress members. As a privileged resolution,
it must be voted on in Committee within 11 legislative days.  (for
further info, Go to his Website, register)

Kucinich supporters, as Illinois Coordinator for Kucinich for President I
welcome your help.  Kucinich, your family and your country needs your
help.  Obviously you have been selected to do the major job to elect the
OF THE UNITED STATES. The present administration must go back from whence
it comes (warmongering hell).

Join one or more of these three committees:

1.    Executive committee i.e. will work full-time, everyday and
sometimes nights if on occasion it becomes necessary.  We are on call
24/7 until we elect our president.   This group, as ALL OTHER groups will
recruit volunteers, pass out literature, talk to as many people as you
can as often as you can, handle events along with an established Events
committee.  Distribute first hand
information to all others.  All are designated to get the word out.

2.   Advisory Committee advise as well as assist with recruiting
volunteers, building trust, getting our candidate known: i.e. The
committee will work on events part-time on every phase of the campaign
but cannot work full time.

3.    Volunteers:  Will be asked to do numerous things: telephone
individuals and groups, pass out literature, register volunteers,
maintain campaign office  (a)  On call 24/7  (b) On call when time
schedule permits.

Contact, Geri Solomon: Illinois Coordinator, Kucinich for President
Tel. (630) 859-9960
e-mail addresses:  or

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