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Re: [casi] Many thanks-- what we need to stop the epidemic

Dear Dr. Nagy,

I share your lack of enthusiasm for the automated response mail system
of our esteemed congressional representatives.  I myself have an impressive
collection of form-letter responses.  One litte subterfuge I have found to
on occasion, is to put one or more newspaper and/or TV station link from the
representative's district into the Cc line of my e-mail.  Every now and
then, an
alert staffer at the representative's office deems mail, thus marked, odd
to bring it to the attention of a staffer one level up.  With luck, a
response results, that will provide a more direct reply opportunity.

I have no personal experience with the Cleveland news organizations, but
are a few links.  Needless to say, if a letter to one of the editors
actually makes
it into print or onto the air, a clip of it can be e-mailed to the
representative with
the next communication.  Mentioning, on that occasion, that the
response will be forwarded to the newspaper or station, will most likely
catch a staffer's attention.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you, Dr. Nagy, for your
work on behalf of the people of Iraq.  I have been continually inspired by
focus on the military's criminal destruction of Iraq's water supply, ever
since I
learned of your investigations through a Swiss information program. I want
to know that I caught your sense of urgency, as well as your outrage at what
appears to be near global complacency toward the critical situation
created by a demonstrably demoniac agenda of subjugation.

You may well feel like the proverbial voice in the wilderness.  I do not
the scholarly credentials to hope for attention from policy makers, but I do
my best to spread your information within my circle of influence.  And, of
course, I am a frequent contributor to the statistics-gathering servers
at the other end of e-mails to senators and representatives.


Newsmedia contacts in representative Kucinich's
Congressional district:

Snailmail to the editor:
Sun Newspapers
Editorial Department
5510 Cloverleaf Parkway
Cleveland OH 44125-4887

Editor, Metro Group Newspapers:

Editor, North Olmstead Group Newspapers

Opinion Editor, Plain Dealer

Editor, Crain's Cleveland Business:

Editor, Cleveland Banner:

Editor, The Observer:

News Channel 5:

Channel 3 WKYZ:

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