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[casi] Many thanks-- what we need to stop the epidemic

Dear Colleagues,

    I don't know AS-ILAS's name, but I commend him/her  for posting the bleak
but necessary interview below. After the  epidemic produced by the US   raged
for more than a dozen years, the re-invasion has increased even that horrific
rate of killing of infants and children under 5 according to WHO surveillance
   How can we end it?  Get politicians and/or celebrates to go to Iraq to
witness the atrocity and to shame the US/UK into reversing priorities from
looting oil to providing safe water ( and for those for whom it is too late to
provide  medical care)

           . I have to wonder about the sincerity of Rep. Kucinich. He is one of
our pampered, buffed politicians running for the presidency , who could, if he
choose to, fly in comfort to Iraq without any physical risk. If he stayed long
enough, he could  save lives. Yet, he just talks and talks, won't even raise a
jar of Iraqi water.

           Would anyone care to join me in article demanding  that  K fly his
buffed imperial, congressional presence  to Iraq or to make way for a person of
real conviction like Ralph Nader of the Greens to lead the opposition to the
criminal policies of the Bush administration. (I confine myself to K. because he
is, in my opinion the only Demo pres. contender that even talks much about Iraq
and even he seems to say less and less.


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