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[casi] BBC 2 Newsnight

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Yesterday on Newsnight I saw Glen Rangwala, Tony Wright, MP and Phil
Woolas, MP discuss Alistair Campbell's answers to the Parliamentary

Every MP or person called to defend the government's evidence for going
to war insist that the 'dodgy dossier'  is true. Phil Woolas did that
last night.
We are told that the facts are true as regards weapons of mass

The parameters of scientific investigation or truth holds that there are
absolute truths and relative truths. All truths fit into these
categories. Evidence regarding Iraqi weapons of mass destruction fit
into the category of relative truths.

This means that the weapons Iraq possessed were liable to change in
quantity and quality over a period of time.

The only way of finding out was through inpsections. What inspections
revealed years ago would not be as accurate as what inspection would
have revealed in February 2003, before the war.

As neither the US or UK had inspectors investigating Iraq weapons of
mass destruction in Iraq, it fell on the international community to see
what Hans Blix could come up with.

The US and UK started the war without backing from the UN Security
Council on the basis of relative truths which were still being
investigated by Mr Blix.

Robin Cook MP has said several times that if Iraq was seriously building
long range nuclear war heads, the evidence would be visible by

During the recent military bombardment, no 'Allied' troops were targeted
with biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.

Since the end of the war, no 'Allied troop' has suffered from any of
these weapons at the behest of the Iraqis.

No major find of weapons that were threatening the western world have
been found in Iraq.

This is at a time when the 'Liberators' control the country and can have
access anywhere, unlike Mr Blix.

The truth, the whole truth, the evidence is still missing like a massive
black hole in the universe.

Dates regarding evidence of WMD need to be known and established.
Without dates, it's meaningless. What may be valid 12 years ago, may not
be valid now.

Evidence has to be based on truths at a given date to be meaningful in
any context. As the validity of truths can diminish as time lapses.

I think Mr Alaistar Campbell, Mr Blair, PM and the government's
propoganda machine need lectures on the theory of knowledge before they
address the nation on what is truth and what is relative truth.

Lila Patel

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