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[casi] Dutch to send 1100 soldiers to Iraq

*Hello listpeople,
At the moment Dutch Parliament is deciding on sending a "peaceforce" to
southern province of Iraq. Most parties are agreeing on it, the main
discussion is only about the "safety" of the Dutch Soldiers. Today there
was a protest, organised by Iraqi exciles, in the Dutch city The Hague
(not the capital) where the government and parliament have their cambres
and offices. The Dutch are to take over the control of the province
**Muthanna **from the British "forces". Also, although it was said the
Dutch were military not participating in the (enduring) war, they did
all they have been able to, by using a special submarine for support the
grts, Robin.

Protest against sending Dutch troops to Iraq*
*/Square - 25.06.2003 12:40
On Wednesday 25 June, the Iraqi Platform in The Netherlands had
organized a picket on the Plein (near Parliament) in The Hague,
government city of The Netherlands. Both Iraqi refugees and supporters
from the peace movement in The Netherlands protested against Dutch
government proposals to send 1100 Dutch soldiers to Iraq's Southern
Muthanna province (not so far from where the day before, six British
soldiers and at least four Iraqi civilians have died in fights). These
soldiers have no United Nations mandate. Iraqi people will see these
troops as part of US/British occupation. Iraqi people should have their
own government, not military occupation, after the Saddam Hussein

Unfortunately, The Hague police impeded the demonstrators from handing
leaflets to Members of Parliament; and then banned demonstrating against
sending Dutch troops altogether. The Iraqi and Dutch anti-occupation
demonstrators then joined another demonstration, against Dutch
Government policies increasing the number of homeless and making life
harder for those already homeless (while cutting back on poor people,
the Dutch government does find money for occupation of Iraq). The Hague
police arrested one demonstrator, the former Dutch Air Force officer,
lawyer, and member of Lawyers for Peace, Mr Meindert Stelling, for
handing out leaflets. Mr Stelling was driven away in a police car.

E mail of the The Hague police:
E mail reaction form on site of Dutch Prime Minister, J.P. Balkenende:

Dutch Minister of Defence, H. Kamp:

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