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Re: [casi] Iraq 'n 'Linguistics': Prescription for retiring Bush in 2004

What we have here is not the "fog of war" but a "war of fog".

I listened to "The McLaughlin Group" on PBS last week, which included
Tony Blankly and Laurence Kudlow (? is that the name?). I forget who said
which but between them it was said that Iraq now has water and
electricity and there were only 30 items gone from the national museum.
Neither the other two panelists nor the host corrected the statements.
The "war of fog" rages on.  (And PBS is nominally one of the better news
outlets in the US!)

Instead of marching against the government it might be more effective if
100,000 people showed up at the doorsteps of the fourth estate. I want to
see massive campaigns of complaints sent to them every time the media
spews more garbage out, perhaps at the behest of a coordinating
organization dedicated to listening and fact-checking. It might even give
out "Blair Awards" -- without specifying which Blair (Tony or Jason) they
are named for.

Another growing problem is the attacks on and repression of journalists
-- Burma, Palestine, Aceh, and of course Iraq, as examples. It is strange
that even this gets so little investigative reporting and attention from
the media. (Maybe we need a project to hand out camcorders to a lot of
Iraqis on the streets (who have to be there anyway, and would welcome
even a few dollars to work as reporters)?)

I don't WANT to believe the Washington Post / ABC poll figures given in
Andreas' message (I clap my hands and chant that I DO believe in faeries)
but juxtiposing the news reports with the figures explains them. Bush
will get away with whatever he wants if the American people don't know
the truth.

**It's too bad no one advised Bush before the war that one should never
try to eat anything bigger than one's head.

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