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[casi] Re: Purifying water in Iraq and a query


This was in The Independent on Saturday 21st June 2003.

'Sachet costing 7p prevents water deaths.

A small sachet of powder added to a bucket of contaminated water can make it
drinkable and save the lives of some of the 5,000 children who die in
developing countries every day, scientists said yesterday.

The sachets which cost about 7p each have been dveloped from large scale
water treatment centres and were "reverse engineered" to be used in the
home. They proved so succeessful that 1.5 million have been sold to aid
agencies including 30,000 for use in Iraq.

The prodict called PuR, ismade by Proctor and Gamble Health Sciences
Institute and has been approved by the US Centre for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC.)

Steve Luby of the CDC said: '" If we can get people to use products such as
PuR to decontaminate water .... we can reduce the incidence of diarrhoea and
illness and save thousands of lives." '

However, 30,000 sachets for 25 million people is pretty damn woeful. Perhaps
they've only been ordered for a selected few troops. Surely pressure needs
to be brought for these sachets (a months worth) to be delivered with each
food ration, this would be a very easy temporary solution/improvement. Nit
perfect, but a start.

On a different topic does anyone know if there is any kind of inventory
being kept by the invaders of that which was in palaces etc. One the moneys
they have seized, the gold bllion haul in the north a couple of weeks ago?
Or does it just disappear into US/UK coffers? Is there an accountability in
law for occupiers in these respect, or like everything else in this
destruction of Mesapotamia, so they just make up (or ignore) the rules as
they go along?

Best, felicity a.

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