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[casi] FW: Iraqi Resistance Report XVI - June 13, 2003

Iraqi Resistance Report XVI - June 13, 2003
Al-Quds al-Arabi, London, Thursday 12 June 2003.

Nasserist Organization announces formation of an armed
wing to join the Iraqi resistance struggle, endorses
deadline for foreigners working with the occupation to
leave Iraq or to become targets.

Baghdad: Quds Press  A Nasserist political
organization in Iraq has declared that it has decided
to form a military wing to participate in the
resistance to the Anglo-American occupation of Iraq.

The Command Council of the Nasserist Organization in
Iraq said in a statement that, in accordance with
resolutions of the extraordinary meeting of the
Regional Command, and in confirmation of the need for
Nasserist forces in Iraq to participate in the
operations of the resistance to the hated
Anglo-American occupation, a Special Military Council
had been formed with the name Liberation Group which
will follow the political direction of the Nasserist
organization and which will constitute one of the
armed popular resistance organizations acting against
the invaders.

The statement said that the Special Military Council
had already been formed and it had in actuality taken
part in operations under the General Command of the
Armed Forces, the Resistance, and Liberation.  It
participated under the slogan Liberation is the only
path to the establishment of a democratic regime in

The statement condemned the establishment of the
Shiite Da'wah ("Propaganda") Party, which it described
as a lackey of the occupation forces that passed on
information to them about the resistance

It strongly denounced its "hateful course aimed at
keeping the American and British forces in Iraq for as
long as possible, just as is being done by the gangs
of al-Barzani, at-Talibani, al-Hakim, and al-Chelebi,"
to use the words of the Nasserist statement.  The
statement also condemned the statements made by
Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim, President of the Supreme
Council of the Islamic Revolution, concerning the
activity of the resistance, in which he described the
resistance as "suspicious."

The Nasserist statement said that, "suspect No. 1 is
al-Hakim himself and those non Iraqis who came with
him."  It added that "al-Hakim's remarks are actually
an attempt by al-Hakim and those sectarian traitors
like him to present the Shiites as having concluded a
truce with the occupation, whereas the resistance in
fact embraces many Shiites who regard jihad for the
sake of God and Iraq and liberation to be of greater
importance than the ambitions of the traitors."  The
Command Council of the Nasserist Organization declared
that it agrees with the declaration of the General
Command of the Armed Forces, the Resistance, and
Liberation that gave a grace period until 17 June 2003
for all the civilians whose nationalities are those of
the aggressor countries, as well as all nationalities
cooperating with those forces  whether they work in
the civilian sector or among the armed forces  as
well as Qataris, Kuwaitis, Saudis, Iranians, and
Turks, to leave Iraq.  After that date they will be
regarded as targets by the resistance movement.


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