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Re: [casi] Purifying water in Iraq

Dear Bob,

Thanks for writing.  Yes, if they get what's needed; it should work at least in
the short term-- certainly to reduce mortality, morbiditiy. Of course there's
the problem of getting enough sheer volume of water and the problem of the
miniralization of the water that also cause loss of stomach contents, etc.

Virtually NO replies for my pleas for concrete help  from CASI which is
evidently preoccupied with other matters and exams [gosh, how long do exams last
in England?]. Huge but all to rare exceptions include Drew Hamre [huge thanks!],
but I still need one honest on-the-record-epidemiologist who will estimate
(under a couple of assumptions),  using surveillance data I just found from
WHO,  the mortality from water borne disease in Iraq in the coming months. Also,
the surveillance data could stand being more up to date; wonder where that is???

  Not surprisingly the epi-bio stat folks have dummied up here in the U.S.-- BIG
CAVEAT I mean only those  I contacted, maybe I'm unlucky or lots and lots are
whoring for the government. There must be some honest ones who will stick their
necks (grants) out even in the US, but honest epi folks anywhere would do, if
willing to do a couple data runs and go on the record. Only the gov. gets away
with "senior, reliable sources" nonesense. Maybe a retired epidemiologist w/
nothing to lose for telling an unpopular truth and who has not completely
internalized self censorship.

Please folks, I need help now! Iraqi  kids are dying horrible deaths and it's
pretty obvious that this latest slaughter by ommisison  will lead to more
deaths, eventually of your own kids and mine. 

Well as the Army ranger who just turned his back to me on the subway replied to
another blatant lie (star war being   more effective than a Maginot Line in the
Sky), "It's a vision." ergo, vision = lie.  So even U.S. citizens can't talk to
the military in Washington except via p.r. much for democracy and a
citizen army (the U.S. version of Mao's inseparability between the people and
party (include. the army)

tom wrote:

> It sounds as if all the talk about shipping chlorine into Iraqi cities is
> for the water purification plants. People could do it themselves,
> however, for the water they are going to drink, with small quantites of
> chemical.
> I looked it up: using %5 to %6 available chlorine, the water is filtered
> through cloth, and 2 drops for clear water, or 4 drops for cloudy water
> of the chemical -- ordinary household bleach, such as Chlorox or Purox
> (which is %5.25 sodium hypochlorite solution) is added, and then let the
> water sit for 1/2 hour. If the strength of the solution isn't certain, my
> book (a Popular Mechanics formula book) says add 10 drops or 20 drops for
> clear or cludy water. I think I remember a Chlorox bottle saying use 20
> drops per quart.
> This is not a lot of bleach -- roughly 1 cc (about 30 drops) per gallon.
> Even if one argues that trucks can't get through for security reasons,
> surely a helicopter can parachute some (with instructions in Arabic) in.
> A few gallons can be brought in the trunk of a car which happens to be
> going that way -- each gallon of bleach enough for 3780 gallons of
> purified water.
> "The most powerful army in the world" can't seem to handle this???
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