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Re: [casi] Pinter blasts 'Nazi America' and 'deluded idiot' Blair

I am confused -- you warn against offensive writing but then present only
a clear, concise statement of fact.

After hearing a California Congressman say those who opposed the war were
"hand-wringing cowards", among the many other epithets (not to mention
rude gestures), I get the impression that the neo-cons and hawks are as
fond of being offensive as many who argue for sanity are shy of stating
plain truth. It is a situation which needs to be corrected.

"Liar", "thief", "murderer", "facist" -- these are not offensive words,
but descriptions of offensive individals and actions. Let the fascists
roar, feign being indignant, and protest their outrage -- it is all part
of their propaganda: merely an attempt to control the linguisitic and
cognitive context. They call Palestinians "terrorists" but occupying
Israelis "defenders of democracy"; they call the USUK forces "liberators"
but the resistence "terrorists"; they call peace marchers "traitors", and
those who support empire building "patriots".

As much as a war of bombs and bullets this is a war of information,
propaganda, and politics. That is the very point of creating the "deluded
American people" and the skewing of the facts about and from Iraq in the
news and speeches. This is at the core of the war we must wage -- and the
new US "information" department and psi-ops strategies. This very list is
one of the battlefields.

I was struck yesterday in the post:

"Subject: [casi] Blair ignored CIA warning over forged  "documents
 "The Independent (UK)
 "June 13, 2003

Which Anai Rhoads sent. There was much about unnamed intelligence
sources, and retired diplomats, and senior government officials, and
darned few actual names, dates, and facts. This is common in newspapers
now, this *blur* of innuendo, which is far worse from the government and
the right wing. Someone on the radio the other day said (approx.): A
confidental or unnamed source is a source which can't be corroborated.

When a FOX report (about "discovering" the waste dump at Tuwaitha) says:
"U.S. defense officials on Friday "confirmed that preliminary field tests
did in
"fact indicate the material could be plutonium."
We have to wonder who the officials are and just what 'confirming
preliminary indications of could' might possible mean, except that we are
supposed to believe in smoke.

As for WMD intelligence, the invaders didn't didn't misinterpret,
overstate, misstate, emphasize, suggest, indicate, have confidence in, be
satisfied that, or believe -- they lied. They lied to the UN and to the
people of the world. They are liars and thieves. They are murderers. We
all know it, and we owe a debt to Mr. Pinter for sharing his wisdom on
the matter of saying it.

Ari Fleischer said we should "watch what we say". I must agree: Let's
hear it for plain speech and truth!! It's the weapon of choice in a war
for "hearts and minds".

>Now here's Harold Pinter again. He's 72, and (once again) >very clear in
his opinions. No "half-hearted" statements. >He's using language I
>Don't be offended. It wasn't me who wrote this article.

>The US population had to accept responsibility for >allowing an
unelected president to take power and the >British were exhausted from
protesting and being ignored >by Tony Blair, a "deluded idiot" Pinter
hoped would >resign.

>The playwright said: "The US is really beyond reason now. >It is beyond
our imagining to know what they are going to >do next and what they are
prepared to do. There is only >one comparison: Nazi Germany.

>Pinter blamed "millions of totally deluded American >people" for not
staging a mass revolt.

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