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[casi] 'a candle without a flame, a rhythm without a heart ...'

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Dear list supervisor, on my currently didy computer, this may not have
arrived. warmest, felicity a.

Dear all,

There has been a lot of anguish on this list recently and better
psychologists and diplomats than I have input wisdom and healing. So many
have put in such tireless time and energy in ideas, initiatives and drawn on
CASI's tireless work for the knowledge and inspiration which has enabled

Whilst our pain and anger can be nothing compared to that of the people of
Iraq (with exceptions we know of) 'liberated from civilisation' as Ghazwan
put so eloquently, I think in all of us somewhere there has been the human,
fallible, predictable reaction of wishing to lash out at administrations
seemingly out of control and unaccountable to anyone. Unable to do that, one
lashes out to those nearest, as with even small disasters.

I found this, which for me is hardly bearable - it is by a Palestinian poet
and activist, but it could be for the hurt throughout the Arab world. It
reminds what the priorities must remain, justice, peace and a return to
normality and self determination. And for all our pain and anger, how lucky
we are,

warmest, f.

To The Martyr

In my dreams, you walk backwards
Into life
A swimmer against the current of the galaxies.
The flower uncurls from its withering,
The olive casts its shadow
once more
On a field unravished,
And the house still stands.

All that was torn to bits
fragmented in your death
Flows into seamless beauty,
Again your mouth is whole,
The bruises darken into space
And light is reborn.

Oh, if I could but reach youŠ
Recover the steps,
Enter into the map,
Become one with the dream.

The dream has taken me hostage,
And yet here I remain
A candle without flame,
A rhythm without a heart.

I wake
To embrace the light,
But endless space unwinds between us,

And I fear I might lose
my place
In the story.

Every distant wall bears
The imprint of your hand,
Every tombstone bears
Your name
Every battle cry
Your voice

If I could but cross the lineŠ
I can remain true
to you
If my courage can run
the distance
Light the flame
Consume the shadow
And sink the burden of fear
In the unfathomable
Reaches of the unfulfilled.

In the silence beyond death
All things become ------
Visions are distilled into truth
And love relinquishes all boundaries.

By: Nabila Harb

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