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Re: [casi] Iraqi newspapers online?

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 Dear Colin,

Totally unsystematic and unformatted, the list patched below comprises not only full-fledged 
newspapers but "news outlets" in a wider sense including also websites of parties and orgs as 
opinion former/catalysts.

Hope this helps a bit, nevertheless.

I am sending this in HTML format for your convenient clicking the links - and for my convenient 
no-having-to-type-the-URLS  ;)




  a.. Al Hayat

  b.. Iraq Daily (Baghdad)
  c.. IraqCMM
  d.. Nidaa-Arrafidain
AG   Iraq Press ar en
IN ar en

         Al-Iraqi Web-based magazine in Arabic
         Awrak Iraqia includes news throughout the Arab world, poems, refugee history, weather, and 
Iraqi culture

         Free Iraq Foundation
         INA - Iraq News Agency

         Iraq Foundation WebsiteNon-governmental organization working for democracy and human 
rights in Iraq. - Information Network
         Iraqi National Congress News and information from the main Iraqi opposition group.

         Usenet -


     The Digital Voice of Iraq
     Iraqi National Congress The Main Opposition Group To Saddam Hussein's Regime In Iraq
     Worker Communist Party of Iraq
     Iraqi Communist and  Progressive Organizations
     Iraqi Communist Party
     Constitutional Monarchy Movement
     Iraq Foundation
     Iraqi Democratic Union (IDU)
     The Assyrian Democratic Movement (ZOWAA)
     The Assyrian Progressive Nationalist Party (APNP)
     The Assyrian Patriotic Party (APP)
     Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party An Autonomous State for Assyrians in Bet-Nahrain
     Kurdistan Democratic Party - Iraq (KDP)
     Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)
     Kurdistan Toilers Party Party in Iraqi Kurdistan
     Türkmen Halk Partisi Turkmen People Party
     Iraqi Turkmans
     Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI)
     Islamic Dawa Party (IDP)
     Iraqi National Coalition
     Saddam and the Bomb Nuclear Control Institute
     Indict Iraqi Regime Organisations created in 1996 for the purpose of bringing Saddam Hussein 
and other leading figures in the current regime in Iraq before an international tribunal to face 
charges of war crime
     Iraq Action Coalition (IAC)
     Radio Free Iraq
     Iraqi News
     Iraqi News Agency INA
     Governments on the WWW: Iraq by Gunnar Anzinger
     Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: Iraq by Central Intelligence Agency

     State Company for Internet Services
     Iraq Research Online depository of documents and information related to the ongoing conflict 
between the United States, the United Nations and Iraq
     Iraq Crisis Bulletin
     Iraq Center Documental Center for Human Rights in Iraq

     Committee for the Liberation of Iraq
     Iraqi Forum for Democracy

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Subject: [casi] Iraqi newspapers online?

Dear list members,

I am trying to assemble a list of Iraqi newspapers available online (in
Arabic, English and other languages - Kurdish?).  If you were aware of any,
I would most appreciate hearing of them.  (I already know al-Ahali and
az-Zaman.)  I would also be very interested in hearing from regular readers
of the Iraqi press about how the sector is changing, both in response to the
fall of the previous regime and to the new one.

Best, and thanks in advance,

Colin Rowat

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