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[casi] Lifting of Sanctions= World Bank, IMF, Privatization, Jack Boot sales increase!

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I continue to hope that we can have a real dialogue concerning just what the
lifting of sanctions means for the Iraqi people and the world.  Although I am
woefully unarmed for the coming battle, here is how I see it;

Rebuilt hospitals, resplendent in their glorious modernity.  US companies
will of course overcharge the oil rich country for these hospitals.  The puppet
who will eventually take over for the interim government will privatize
medicine of course.  This means that Chalabi and friends will be able to afford the
medical services for things like hangnails whilst Ali drags his prosthetic arms
in the DU filled earth due to a lack of money to have them serviced.  And of
course the hospital will be BUSH Memorial Hospital, "B-M" hospital which
sounds about right.

Next we will move on to the schools.  These will of course be filled with
computers and new books, and they will even have pencils now!!!  Progress!  Sadly
no-one will be able to afford the privatized education, sans Chalabi and
friends of course.  Additionally the cirriculum will be overseen by John
Ashcroft's best friend and will be revised to reflect the USuk narrative of how the
world "really" is.   The school in Tikrit will be called BUSH School, or B-S for

So, whilst we are applauding the lifting of sanctions, Bush will be
extracting the wealth of the country, of course while rebuilding the country, but due
to the privatization of it all there will be huge shortages in available
resources to pay the US led companies therefore we will have to get the World Bank
to fund the reconstruction.  This will of course necessitate that we
"structurally adjust" the economic landscape while giving the country a deficit more on
par with the US deficit, which is a good thing because then the debt service
makes the rich richer, and of course the poor poorer.

So, the net result is that Iraq will end up a country that is in dire
financial distress, the people of Iraq, those that stayed in the country for the last
decades anyway, (those who recently went back will be working for the
occupiers no doubt) will be further marginalized and subjected to the propaganda of
the Imperium.  Of course on the US model, rape and murder will skyrocket as
will the prison populations but since the US doesn't torture like that bastard SH
they will be better off?  Except of course those that are being raped, both
in prison and without, and murdered but not by the government, and those that
still cant afford medical or food or education.  But then the Imperium doesn't
want Iraq for its cheap labor necessarily, we want the oil and the strategic
Yes we should applaud the lifting of sanctions...

Roger Stroope
Austin College
Sherman Texas, USA

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