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Re: [casi] Keep "CASI"

Dear List and CASI Administration,

While it makes sense to dissolve CASI, all its
stated objectives having been met, dismantling
the organizational infrastructure and outstanding
membership list would be a blow to the humane
movement that supported CASI's goals and was,
in turn, supported by CASI. We are a long way
from being on safe ground.

The lifting of sanctions, though hugely important,
still constituted only a part of the demands that
are to be rightfully made on behalf of the human
family in Iraq.  It seems to me that CASI alone
is eminently qualified to now become the premier
discussion list for those committed to standing
until every demand has been realized.

The possible need for a name change could be
met with minimal disruption to name recognition
by the addition of an extra letter "S" toward the
acronym CASSI (Campaing for the Safeguarding
of the Sovereignty of Iraq).  Technically speaking,
the old acronym might even be sufficient in light
of "sovereignty-safeguarding" being a composite .

Adjustments in bylaws, membership agreements
and the like should not be beyond the well-proven
capabilities of CASI administrative staff.  The real
question is, do they have the will and the energy
left to rally again?  Another 28,000 footer?  Or
are the remaining goals too broad to express as
organizational objectives?

If funds are needed to cover the costs of transition,
I am certain that a simple statement from CASI will
bring satisfactory results.  I guarantee my portion of
it.  All communications from the administration with
regard to other needs are welcome.  What can we
do?  Please let us know.

I am very grateful for this discussion list.  While the
Internet now boasts many sites engaged in the task
of salvaging truth from geopolitical fiction, and yet
others devoted to the goals of justice for Iraq, for
the Middle East, and for the entire planet, none of
them can take the place of CASI.

I sincerely hope that no oversight will cause the
neglect of any necessary action to preserve for us
the irreplacable asset embodied in this discussion
list. (To the list: Rock concert audiences clamor
rousing encores out of tired bands...  Let's keep
it up!)

Best regards,

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