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[casi] Invitation to Reconsider.

Dear Tom & List,

Your Wednesday posting was disturbing. Not without a hint of sarcasm, you
suggest "Let's stay respectable at any cost." And look after our "sacred
cows" well. Alarmingly, you declare your readiness to quit (although,
happily, you sent in another contribution today, Thursday).

Not meaning this disrespectfully, Tom, but isn't this indicative of a "Stop
the world, I want to get off!"-

All of us are sometimes under great pressure, even at risk of cracking up,
under the strain. We might need mini-holidays, away from computer-work. Why
feel constantly inundated by unending e-mails? They can become your master,
instead of vice versa.

You don't need anyone else to tell you that your exchanges have been valued,
partly because of well-expressed views, but also due to your undeniable,
much acclaimed, expertise.

Good luck with your non-violence activities. Others, on this List, would
share such views. All of us, hopefully, would welcome peace & stability in
Iraq, plus the world at large, it is preferable to cluster-
bombs & Western WMDs. Even great teachers of non-violence, such as Gandhi,
Dalai Llama, & MLK,
acknowledged that they had to communicate with fellow beings, of this world,
with diverse outlooks.

Tom, even though some of us, at times, irritate you, please excercise your
patience & tolerance.
And do continue to favour us, occasionally, with your well-targeted
insights, for CASI. Thank you.


Bert G., B'ham UK.

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