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[casi] CASI's Work: A word of Thanks

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Greetings List Members,

Over recent months I have had nothing to contribute to the CASI exchanges of information. None of 
you deserved to hear only my expressions of outrage against others that were directed elsewhere.

Of course, my wife Margarita and I have been and remain shocked about the actions and duplicity of 
the occupation authorities in Iraq, both in the years before and now in the weeks subsequent to the 

However, we have been able to channel our feelings of rage to other avenues whilst remaining 
grateful to have updated and reliable information through the CASI list. We thank all those who 
have thus kept us informed and so enabled us to continue to speak and write with confidence.

As we look back over the years of CASI's work, we pay tribute to those whose sense of right 
motivated them to give us a reliable vehicle to be informed and to inform. We also thank them for 
their work to hold those important conferences in Cambridge. The authorities in UK and elsewhere 
could no longer truthfully claim to have cause to be ignorant of the devastating harm caused by 
economic sanctions on the people of Iraq.

Margarita and I, for over twenty years in the Middle East region, daily saw and felt the disastrous 
impacts of misguided imperialist policies on those already deprived of justice. We are aware of 
similar today.

Therefore, although the work of CASI has helped to resolve the sanctions' issue, though in ways 
none of us wanted, related humanitarian injustices in Iraq need to be addressed.

With positive inputs, if the CASI list could be used to document and inform us of such continuing 
injustices and add report-reliability to our personal efforts, we would be grateful. To the several 
Seb Wills and Colin Rowats and the postings by Peter Brook - all of whom have given unstintingly of 
their time we say 'thank you'. We now ask if it would be possible for CASI to remain active  say, 
in a "Campaign Against Subversion (of) Iraq" with emphasis on the plight of its people.

Iraq's children and their parents still need reliable voices like ours. So does the work for a just 
peace based on understanding, tolerance and fair economic engagement.

Roy Skinner ------- Switzerland

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