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[casi] The New Iraq!

Dear List,

I would like to repost a message from Ghazwan posted
about a year ago, on 3 Jun 2002. It shows that those
inside Iraq and those who opposed the aggression had a
clear vision of what was coming to Iraq under the US.

Ghazwan wrote:

"Goerge Orwell wrote "Animal Farm" a satirical book
about revolutions and dictatorship. The story is:

The animals thought that humans were mistreating them
so they revolted and kicked them out of the farm and
started running it themselves. They painted their
slogans(of equality, good treatment, no exploitation,
and all the other nice things) on the barn.  Every few
weeks a slogan is changed or removed. To the "All
animals are equal" they added "BUT some are more equal
than others". To cut the long story short the pigs
controlled the farm and became WORSE than Humans in
treating their follow animals.

To those of us who lived the revolutions since 1958
and Judging by the rhetoric and the quality of the
people I think we will see a repeat of the events of
Animal Farm!

Best Regards
Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar
Baghdad, Iraq"

I remembered this when I read about what occurred
during a TV program on the Abu Dhabi satellite channel
sometime in early May. The program, Muwajaha
(confrontation) was transmitted from Baghdad, and on
that day they had Dr. Wamidh Nadhmi (an Arab
Nationalist who openly opposed Saddam's regime from
INSIDE Iraq) and Intifadh Qanbar (the spokesman for
Al-Chalabi's group, the INC) discussing the
occupation. The discussion got heated up, ending in
Qanbar attacking Nadhmi, punching him in the face and
causing him clear injuries... Dr. Nadhmi has informed
Arab human rights organizations of what happened and
further states that Qanbar threatened to kill him, all
documented on tape.. Abu Dhabi TV has sent Al-Chalabi
a letter demanding an apology and action to be taken
against Qanbar... So far, no reply has come.

These are the new rulers of Iraq: the democratic
leaders who will replace Saddam. This is how freedom
of expression will be handed down to Iraqis... It
doesn't matter that Dr. Nadhmi was inside Iraq,
opposing both Saddam and war, while others lived in
comfort: he did not fulfill the requirements for a
"good guy". He didn't support the war and he is not a


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