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[casi] Re: [casi]-- Is CASI worth keeping?

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From: " Tom Nagy, Ph.D." <>
To: "Ahmed Shames" <>
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Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2003 3:50 AM
Subject: Re: [casi]-- Is CASI worth keeping?

Dear List and Overworked List Managers,

This stuff below from the learned and compassionate Mr. Shames strikes me as
obscene now that the WHO and UNICEF
have gone beyond reporting cases of cholera in S. Iraq to reporting actual
epidemic (though AP quotes the Health
Minister of Kuwait as saying in effect, "no big deal, meds are available."

It's a safe bet the right honorable gentleman from the Kuwait "guided
democracy" has no kids at a risk and
he either does not know or care (won't even speculate on which) that even in
ideal circumstances a chlolera epidemic
is grave -- hardly an easy "adverse" event to handle.

What will it take the "gentlemen" of this listserv to devote some words to
to strategizing and acting to halt the
the prospect of as many as 300,000 more Iraqi deaths in a very short time
(incubation of cholerate is approx. less
than one wk) rather such useful intelligence as Scott Ritter is "all over
the place" and other great truths.

If CASI continues to fiddle (gather cool objective facts, repeat Fox News
quality reporting and speculation to
the exclusion of facts to act on), I'm prepared to be a contrarian and say,
archive the bloody thing and move on. If
that so torques the powers that be that I'm kicked off the list for conduct
unbecoming a gentlemen, so be it. I guess
I have never been 1/10 the gentlemen that some of my betters have been.

Will all 300,000 Iraqis die before the list managers insist on the common
sense and elemenary pragmatism needed by
the urgency of the past 13 years. Or maybe I'm too dense to see that it's
far better to play the U.S. media game of
worrying about every last cent being accounted for (despite the fact that
OFFhad the lowest rate of theft of anything
in its league in the history of the UN.

I'm all for the solid scholarship that CASI used to shoot holes through the
UK gov. propaganda, but it's getting
late in the day to receiters and elaborators of Fox news and its variants
crowd out discussion of wether its long
past due to to tell US/UK politicians who profess to be humanitarians to get
their r pampered, blow-dryied bodies into
Basra and bear witness, at the very least or we will look for other leaders.

Tom, who refuses to play games, may fall flat on his face, but at least will
try to save a life or two.

Ahmed Shames wrote:

> [ Presenting plain-text part of multi-format email ]
> RT wrote:
> "Under the Oil For Food Program Iraq had no direct access and it's
impossible they could have
> "stashed" any funds from it anywhere."
> I am sorry, but did you actually read the article?
> "Iraq asked foreign companies to give it cash on top of the goods bought
under the oil for food deal"
> Hassan knew that Saddam tried to get money illegally from the oil for food
> "Iraq tried to make companies pay an extra 15 cents per barrel outside the
discount to provide the cash it needed"
> He also seems to have known where the money was spent on. (I wonder how he
managed to!!)
> Was any money spent on building humble palaces by any chance?
> Ahmed
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