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Re: [casi] Forum on Iraq and Noun Rotation

Rotate the nouns! Are your suggesting it was appropriate   for "Good'
German professors and others to keep quit about A. Hitler's  crimes  
even before speaking out did NOT get the speaker a one-way ticket to a
death camp?

      Or do we have a deeper problem here?  Are some victims, even
children sacred, while other as disposable for "higher truth" and
"interests" Confront  the State Dept. and Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and Democratic Peace candidates like Kucinich. Post copies of their
replies if any*** to this and similar lists. Have written Kucinich 4
times in response to his request for comment (was it a ruse to get my
address on his mailing list?)

    If Amnesty and HRW and the Holocaust Museum don't condemn the
continuing liquidation of Iraqi kids, they disgrace not only any
individual  brave investigators on their staffs, but make a mockery of
Human Rights , reducing it to  good stuff as long as it  does not upset
big donors otherwise, just plain expendable expendable-- as in lets roll
another Halabja tape and ignore horrors larger in scale and fare more
contemporary than Halabja. Oh yeah and lets not forget the good old
"International Association of Genocide Scholars" and their clones with
their wonderful talk about preventing future large scale atrocities. 
Has anyone heard a peep from any of these groups apart  feel good
notices to act nice and respect International Law (buried inside a long
recitation of the crimes of the former Iraqi government)? Am I benign
too harsh? Don't think so when the Int. Assoc. of Genocide Scholars
printed a diatribe long of accusation, short on footnotes alleging that
ALL of the crimes were the fault of the S. H. regime.  Or am I just
imagining all of this?  

     Ditto for the lovely Harvard and Yale projects that beat the drums
about Iraq's very real abuses of the past as long as the secret taboo
against condemning current U.S. atrocities are scrupulously maintained.
Gotta get the buck even if the bucks make one's work worse than useless,
utterly misleading.

   It's well and good to be prudent, but there come sa time when prudent
degenerates into  complicity.


p.s. Alun, you seem to be getting your wish for silence -- it's
thunderous on this side of the Pond.

Alun Harford wrote:

> --- " Tom Nagy, Ph.D." <> wrote:
> > It's the
> > general refusal to examine and
> > publicized sufficiently the  underlying vs. proximae
> > causes of horrors that
> > bother me because the results here in D.C. such
> > taboo   lets the U.S. Gov. off
> > the hook even if wehn  enables continuing,
> > industrial strength, assesmbly line
> > efficient torture and death via bombs  bombing of
> > individulals [see
> > ] and the hugly greater and more
> > pain-death induction
> > efficient mode of bombing the infrastructure or
> > preventing its rebuiliding or
> > resupply.
> While this is all true - think of the endgame!
> Lets say AI releases a report with all this
> information in it.
> It would cause a minor scandal in the media but
> everybody would forget about it within a week, and it
> would make no difference.
> People are generally too ignorant to realise the
> effect of destroying water treatment facilities.
> The media reports as follows:
> They are Iraqi people - at worst they are simply
> ignored - occasionally they are portrayed as
> statistics - if they are lucky they are 'a story' but
> NEVER are they portrayed as real people, so very few
> people care.
> Meanwhile, the US military could over-react and
> prevent humanitarian agencies from getting access to
> people in Iraq. I'd rarther not take that risk for the
> sake of information that will largely be ignored (or
> be dismissed as "unpatriotic" - depending on where it
> is being reported)
> For now, I would rarther they kept quiet.
> Alun Harford
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