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Re: [casi] Re: (CASI) Water, A!, Forum on Iraq and My Deep Apology

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I have this vision of a group of scared people with eyes, ears, and mouths
closed and covered.  I absolutely understand Alun's sentiments, and agree that
there is a danger of attack by the hyenas that most people call the BUSH/BLAIR
admins.  The greater danger is to our collective soul however, a danger far
greater than the howling and braying of the empires politicians.

If enough people, enough organizations, will stand up and shout at the top of
our lungs, then those people who have been disatisfied with the "they are
evil and we are good" rhetoric, will finally hear a more satisfying albeit more
complex concept of why the world is what it is.

"Awareness is the beginning of Change!"

We must run the risk, Iraq is not the last country, and hence not the last
population that will be attacked by the empire that once was called the "home of
the free."  Today Arabs and the poor are targeted, tomorrow it will be
someone else, perhaps the Asian community, or when the Black countries of the world
have gained sufficient economic and industrial "modernization" to "threaten"
the empire then perhaps they become the target once again.  The point is that
as long as we allow our governments to behave as tyrrants, they most certainly
will.  Always have.

I am no patriot, I am not proud of being a US american or of my country, I am
however proud when I read the words and watch the actions of the people on
this list, most anyway.  Stand up, shout, write, despair, hope, cry, dry, and do
it all over again!  We know!  Not because we are special, but because we have
been exposed, although it is painful I would not trade that exposure for the
world and their are hundreds of millions more waiting to know what we know,
they must be educated.  If we don't do it, if Amnesty doesnt stand up, who will?
 "to whom much is given, much is required"

Roger Stroope
Austin College
Sherman Texas, USA

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