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[casi] Letter from Ghazwan!

Dear List,

I received this letter from Ghazwan through Nermin who
asked me to forward it to the parties to whom it is
addressed and to CASI and any other interested party.
I am forwarding the letter, and posting it here so you
can forward it too.
At least we know Ghazwan is well...


Open letter to:
Amnesty International, London
Human Rights Watch, USA
American Civil Liberties Union, USA

Dear Sir;

It is said that "give an inch to the ruler and he will
take a mile". It is with this sprit that I am writing
to you.

The American occupation civilian authority in Iraq has
issued an order May 16, 2003 prohibiting 1) the public
display of pictures of Saddam Hussein.  2) the
expulsion from government service of all "high"
ranking members of the Baath party. 3) members of the
Baath party can not be appointed to any administrative
or managerial job in the future.

The world was aware that Saddam was a ruthless
dictator for more than 20 years. The world also knows
that he used every "means" to force people into
joining his party or else. Those who did not join his
party, and I am one of them, were discriminated
against or imprisoned. The following is NOT a defense
of the Baath party or its members but a shear
conviction that the above American order is a
violation of human rights of people in Iraq by the
occupation authority which, falsely, claims to
protect human rights.

I do not believe that there are any legal or moral
grounds to ban the public display of pictures of any
person irrespective of how good or bad the person is.
Hitler pictures were never banned in the aftermath of
WWII nor that of Melosovich, or Karadich. Sadly after
50 years of human right efforts we are seeing the
leader of "democracy" degenerate into banning Saddam

The "high" ranking members of the Baath party are
COLLECTIVeLY being punished for crimes that state of
Iraq, not the party, committed. It is assuming that
the members are GUILTY until they are proven INNOCENT.

They are being accused of crimes by ASSOCIATION with a
legally established party at that time. The order does
not distinguish between those members who were FORCED
to join the party and those who were not. Furthermore
the order did not take into account the well known
fact that once one joins the party it is very unwise
to leave it without paying high price.

Iraqis living under a dictatorship were not allowed to
read except what the dictator wants them to read. On
the other hands people in America and Europe are free
to read any thing they want. Iraqis did not have
access to Amnesty International reports about human
rights violations of their government. I know
ignorance is not an excuse but Governments in
the west, UK and USA governments in particular, had
all the information about the human right violations
in Iraq. With this full knowledge these governments
supported, aided and financed the regime in Iraq.
Shouldn't these governments be also accused by
ASSOCIATION with the regime?  If these governments
want to claim national interest, geopolitical interest
or what ever interest as an excuse for supporting the
regime, wouldn't the Baathist claim that the fear for
their life as a more valid excuse?

Mr. Donald Rumsfield must have been aware of Amnesty
International report of human rights violations of the
Iraqi government in 1983; he would be stupid if he did
not, yet he visited Baghdad and met Saddam and
helped reestablish the diplomatic relations with the
dictator. In 2003 the same Mr. Donald Rumsfield is
denying the human rights of some Iraqis for crime that
HE DEFINATLY KNEW about without taking into
consideration the fact that THEY DID NOT KNOW about
them. The crime by association should not be limited
to individuals but should include governments
if justice is to be done.

This might sound a trivial violation of our human
rights by the occupation authority compared others. I
have read a sub-title on TV that Amnesty International
has accused the occupation authorities in Baghdad of
torturing Iraqi prisoners and POWs. I think AI need to
wage a real TV campaign especially on Arabic Satellite
channels to expose these
violations and force the occupation authorities to
adhere to the Geneva conventions before the whole
country of Iraq be converted, with its 22 millions,
into another Guantanamo camp.

I refuse to give them an inch. Help me in not letting
them TAKE the mile.

Thank you.

Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar
Baghdad, Iraq
Sat phone: +88216 21235506

Sorry I have been "liberated" from civilization, NO
internet, NO email, NO telephone, NO electricity, NO
clean water... and above all NO sense of SECURITY.

1- The occupation authorities have dissolved the Iraqi
army yesterday.
This order made nearly half a million men out of work.
They do not know if they will be compensated for years
served in the army or not. What are their rights? What
about their families? How can they find a job, any
job, when unemployment is extremely high? How can this
be done in the name of "democracy"? Is this another
form of collective punishment?
Even the RUTHLESS dictator would NOT dream of doing
this to his subjects!!!

2- Similarly the dissolved the ministry of
information. 75% of them are highly technical people
engineers, cameramen, TV and radio producers,
artists..etc. The same questions as above

3- As can be seen in the last week they have taken a
yard, instead of the inch. They will take more in the
coming weeks! In no time they will take the mile!!

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