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[casi] A last minute plea to CASI members ..

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[casi] A last minute plea to CASI members--pls edorse and send CASI


* From: nagy <>
* Subject: [casi] A last minute plea to CASI members--pls edorse and send
* Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 21:57:41 -0400


'Dear Alun et al.,

  I am comming to the conclusion that the deal struck with the devil by AI
many of their ilk, is to attack the proximate cause of torture and other
attrocities, but underplay the underlying causes such as the lust for
the world and full specral dominance by empires such as  the U.S.'

There appears to have been no mention of the absolute horror of those
reportedly shackled and hooded by the US at Baghdad airport in temperatures
of fifty degrees c - disappeared. Surely this is a human rights abuse of
monumental proportions. No lawyer, no access by Red Cross/Crescent.

Further, not them or anyone has said a word about the mass grave the US
created in the last Gulf war - when they buried young Iraqi conscripts alive
in their trenches using bulldozers. A thundering silence from Amnesty and
Human Rights Watch on that one. Will they be allowed to get away with it?

As for the appointment of Ann Clwyd as human rights co-ordinator, with her
INDICT set up allegedly funded by the CIA, an appointment one senior MP
described to me as a 'disaster'. I despair. Yesterday she said on the BBC
that she hadn't 'been back to Iraq since the war.' So she misleads. She has
not ever been to Iraq south/central. Only Kurdistan.

Some years ago, she held and chaired a conference under the banner of War on
Want. She basically argued that sanctions should remain for ever, no matter
the human cost. I gained the distinct impression, as did many others, that
it was not alone Saddam she hated, but all Iraqis. I could of course, have
been mistaken.

Lastly, wonderful CASI please don't wind down. Everyone on this list knows
the time, effort, energy, dedication, expended by you all so generously in
running this list amid busy, packed lives. But it is needed know more than
ever as the unique repository of knowledge and ideas it is. Now the initial
shock and awe of the horror of that which has happened, the unique historic,
legal, environmental and human implications is beginning to sink in (rather
than numb disbelief and paralisation) ideas and actions are forming again, a
regrouping, thinking and moving forward. You are needed now more than ever.
With the communications down, Iraq more isolated than ever, with the US/UK
clearly trying to hide the full horror (just why do those communications
buildings keep catching fire ...) WE NEED YOU. WE LOVE YOU. DON'T GO AWAY.
And the world's most enormous thanks to you all, for all you have done, and

warmest to all, f.

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