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[casi] Questions Raised by Lifting of Sanctions

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Dear Friends,

The lifting of sanctions in Iraq has raised for me some questions.
Colin Rowat, anyone?

1)       Is it fair to the people of Iraq that, with Saddam Hussein's
regime toppled, 5% of its oil sales will continue to go to the UN
Compensation Commission?

2)       Does anyone know what Iraq's $400 billion debt includes?  Money
legitimately owed Russia from before the first Gulf War?  Money for
for damages done by Iraq during the first Gulf War-also under the
toppled Saddam Hussein?

3)       Who has the authority, or claims they have the authority, to
manage or forgive Iraq's $400 billion debt?

a)       With Saddam Hussein gone, why isn't Iraq's slate wiped clean of
debt to give the Iraqi people a fresh start?

4)       As CASI announced in its most recent press release, with
sanctions on Iraq lifted, CASI's mission will soon be over.  Because, as
a writer, I intend to continue tracking what's going on in Iraq, I will
miss the up-to-the-minute newspaper articles and other resources the
discussion list brings to our attention, as well as the members opinion
on them.  Would anyone else besides me like to see CASI converted to
something like an "Iraq Monitor" to stay on top of whether or not Iraq
is getting a fair shake?  Any interest?

Best, Suzy

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