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Re:[casi] Re: Dr's tell hoe childtrens deaths became propog...

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 "PS why is Yasser so anti an anti Saddam diplomat never in Saddam's
 government service returning because he is old and been away a long time
 (old people do think too as Yasser, a doctor should know and impart
 great wisdom) whilst he states he has not been back for twenty years, and is
 finishing final exams, so must have left as a child, a country he known
 not from within since then"

 Our opposition to Adnan Pachachi comes from the fact that during over 30
 years in "exile", he was not known to be involved in the Iraqi issue.
 During most of that time, he was an advisor to the UAE leader, Sheikh
 Zayed who had very good relations with Saddam (even after the 91 war).
 Adnan Pachachi is currently backed by Arab dictatorships who have no
 interest in seeing a democratic Iraq, they have a policy of trying to
 keep minority rule in Iraq. Iraq's democracy is seen as a threat to the
 totalitarian regimes in the Arab world.

 " I ask, because when the amnesty was declared on
 those who had fled the regime, and the ex-patriot annual conference began
 (1994??) many Iraqis were nervous to return, but, in solidarity with the
 people, did. The regime did keep it's word. Where was Yasser?"

 I don't know what amnesty was declared in 1994!! Please give us more =
details, it seems that you know about Saddam's amnesties more than us!


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