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RE: [casi] postings in CASI's name + total agreement BUT

Dear List Manager and other Colleagues,

   While I agree 100% with the substance of the message below, I respectfully
ask that he address the issues raised in my recent emails.

Perhaps it's because I work in Washington, D.C., the lying is the currency of
the place (provided there's some bow to denyability), that  I so gratly  value
CASI and feel this resource is being deminished when it provide a venue for
postings that are not only consistent with sanctions policy and their
aftermath and their "justification".

  Could not the Manager insist that virulant fantasies oppossed to the spirit
and mission statement of CASI be reduced to provision of URLs, so the time of
readers is spared from a rehash of the equivalent of Fox New news.

   Re attribution of our own postings to casi (or documents of ours that CASI
has posted (such as my paper at the Int. Assoc. of Genocide Scholars), surely
what is intended is that we say we have posted X to CASI or that CASI has a
link to to our paper, Y. You do not really mean that you want to say on "we
posted X to a  website whithout permitting us to mention that the website
discussion group or other portion of the site was a part of CASI. As a
practical matter, if we cannot say we posted X to CASI if we did, then there
are problems in citations which editor will scold us for.

  Finally, I want to again thank CASI for providing such a invaluable resource
and wish to acknowledge the incredible hard and top notch job of all of the
folks who are CASI officials. And I appreciate that there seem not to have
been on CASI recently annonymous attacks by "high officials of the USAF, etc.


>===== Original Message From CASI Lists Manager <>
>Dear Discussion List,
>two related issues have been causing CASI some worry in the past weeks.
> First, messages being sent out in the name of CASI by people who are not
>members of the annually elected CASI committee. To maintain coherency and
>credibility, CASI upholds a very strict policy about what can or cannot be
>sent out in the organisation's name, and any such posting or message
>usually has to be co-ordinated and approved by the committee. Please
>understand that any organisation has to maintain some control over what is
>said and done in its name, so please refrain from claiming something is in
>CASI's name, unless it Is, i.e. has been discussed and co-ordinated with
>the committee.
> Secondly, postings to the discussion list being treated as "from CASI".
>They are not - they are postings by subscribers to an emailing list set up
>and moderated by CASI. As CASI makes no demands whatsoever upon postings to
>express the views and opinions of the committee (only that they be relevant
>to the list), or be approved of by it, postings cannot be truthfully in any
>way described as "from CASI", only as "posted to an email list". So again,
>please do not claim they are issued by CASI - unless they really are, in
>which case this will be clearly indicated.
>Thankyou for your understanding,
>Nicholas Martin,
>CASI-Discuss-List Moderator
>Nicholas Martin
>CASI Lists Manager -
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Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. of Expert Systems
George Washington Univeristy Sch. of Business & Public Mgt.
Washington, D.C. 20052

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