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Re: [casi] Request for List Members and Moderator

>  2)May I suggest that you share your respone with the >entire list. If
your members of congress are like mine

Sure, but it's nothing special -- just quick and to the point. I think
the main thing is that they got a letter. My understanding is that
usually the staff reads letters and sorts them into categories, perhaps
passing something said on. Durbin doesn't generally answer letters, but I
don't think that's particularly significant since the Hastert's replies
don't come from him anyway, but are part of a standard procedure with
form letters. It's numbers of letters which count most, it seems.


From: bob.steel1
Date: Sun, 25 May 2003 19:38:27 PST
Subject: Chlorine needed to curb epidemic
Message-ID: <>

Honorable Senator Durbin and Speaker Hastert:

Below is a portion of a post I got from CASI, the Cambridge based
organization Campaigne Against Sanctions in Iraq.

Assuming this is accurate, would you please have your office do what they
can to expedite the shipments of chlorine where needed, to provide safe
drinking water in Iraq.

Thank you,
Bob Steel
207 College Ave
Dixon, Il 61021

--------- Begin forwarded message ----------
 Even BBC carried one  full story (on April 19th if memory serves)
cititing the exhaustion of supplies  of chlorine in S. Iraq and its
totally predictable consequences. Of course BBC was careful to add the
utterly improbably/implausible  sops of "unrest" and "looting" to ally
the conscience of anyone not fully lulled to sleep by the flow of
propaganda. This standard technique works well on  anyone completely
ignorant of criminology or history
or medicine and epidemiology.

None of this mainstream media pap passes  what we call the "giggle test"
of plausibility. Even demented lesser races do not loot commodities which
have zero potential  use or resale (fencing) value and which are highly
to handle without apt training and equipment. The idea that the US/UK war
machines cannot escort and "defend" a very finite # of water treatment
systems in S. Iraq a couple of truck traversing  a few tens of miles from
people both unlikely and incapable of posing a serious threat again does
not pass the giggle test.
--------- End forwarded message ----------

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