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[casi] Request for List Members and Moderator

Dear Colleagues,

  May I make a request, as  U.S./UK gov.  studied indifference moves within
days of another massacre  of Iraq children via  another
lethal epidemic of water borne disease particularly in S. Iraq.
(See any serious sources like UNICEF, OXFAM, CESR --   particularly the full
reports backing their press releases).

    Even BBC carried one  full story (on April 19th if memory serves)
cititing the exhaustion of supplies  of chlorine in S. Iraq and its totally
predictable consequences. Of course BBC was careful to add the utterly
improbably/implausible  sops of "unrest" and "looting" to ally the conscience
of anyone not fully lulled to sleep by the flow of propaganda. This standard
technique works well on  anyone completely ignorant of criminology or history
or medicine and epidemiology.

    None of this mainstream media pap passes  what we call the "giggle test"
of plausibility. Even demented lesser races do not loot commodities which have
zero potential  use or resale (fencing) value and which are highly dangerous
to handle without apt training and equipment. The idea that the US/UK war
machines cannot escort and "defend" a very finite # of water treatment systems
in S. Iraq a couple of truck traversing  a few tens of miles from people both
unlikely and incapable of posing a serious threat again does not pass the
giggle test.

  So here's my request, until the world shames the occupying parties to
prevent this latest gross violation of Geneva and elementary ethics, by
demanding the US/UK govs and or their minions deliver a few truck loads of
chlorine gas cannisters to  Basra and a few other cities in S. Iraq, could we
please stop wasting precious time by reprinting on CASI word for word the
fantastic tales of the Telegram and similar fantasies.

   I am quite content  to see an url to the Telegram and its astounding tales
or to any source, but please spare this list the distraction of    nonesense
from the Telagram at least till we can all act together to avert yet another
crime that will "outrage the mute earth" and endanger our children or we and
like minded people  fail and their kids die in ever increasing #s followed all
too predictably with the death our kids, the remains of our civil liberties
and our financial security.

   Full citations follow.

Thomas J. Nagy
Washington, D.C.

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>Britain finds Iraq's 'smoking gun': a top-secret missile

Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. of Expert Systems
George Washington Univeristy Sch. of Business & Public Mgt.
Washington, D.C. 20052

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