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[casi] Re: Drs tell how childrens' death became propoganda


So we are to ignore thirteen years of World Food Programme, UNICEF, Care,
Save the CHildren and the UN's own experts (Halliday, von Sponeck, Tun Myat,
Benon Sevan) about the holfd which led to so many disasters. About summer
medications being delivered in winter and vice versa. Injectible medications
being delivered with no suringes, dialysis machines being vetoed, along with
cancer medications, X-ray machunes, the wherewithal for bone marrow
transplants? Were these experts and organisations in league with Saddam

How could he build palaces with oil for food money - held by the UN -
perhaps the UN gave him the cash from the escrow account?

With everyone unpaid and desparate after thirteen years of deprivation,
there is a more likely reason for the doctors remarks regarding medicines.
Every one has a breaking point and a family to look after. The US is and
has, thrown millions$'s aroung in bribes. The army have been bribed, people
were reportedly bribed to smile and wave for the camerasto troops who were
trashing their towns, homes, shooting their relatives, bribed to throw
flowers (reportedly cut pink and cream carnations
- when did anyone see them in Iraq?) Must have taken some organisation to
fly them in a give them out pristine and unwilted. Coincidentally, Israel,
just down the road geographically does a roaring trade in cut flower

Anyway, as I say, everyone has a breaking point and in the current clime,
with all those dollars floating around, it's worth bearing in mind. And
since the US is behaving no better than Saddam - disappearing people,
censoring the media - and beaming two channels out run by ultra Christian
fundamentalists - who knows there haven't been threats as well?

Or were they even doctors at all, or CIA stooges in white coats?
Refrigerator babies, rather than incubator babies. We've been the baby route
before. There was a strange line from the doctor about mothers being forced
to wail at the bayby's funeral even though he or she had been dead a few

What, grief over the death of a child just fases away in a couple of weeks,
months? Doesn't sound much like the psychology of a medic. But it's a great
diversion from the chaos the US have brought to Baghdad. Let's give Hill and
Knowlton a call.

In the new Iraq who knows anything.

Yours deeply cynically, felicity a.

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