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Re: [casi] Sanctions: "Hypocrisy, thy name is Rahul Mahajan!"

>with them. We should not sacfrice the wellbeing of the >Iraqi people in
the cause of anti-Americanism, or even >anti-imperialism, just

I've been pondering this, and I think I've arrived at a position --
albeit one not likely to occur. I think the question is not sanctions yes
or no, but a modification.

Obviously the Iraqis, and not the Americans should control the oil -- or
maybe the UN for a short while for practical reasons -- but just as
obvious is that the Iraqi people must get relief, and it should be with
US money.

The key issue is that of the US wanting to use Iraqi oil to pay for the
damge the US caused and is liable for. The US should foot the bill, but
not have control -- just like someone who vandalizes your house should
foot the bill but not be in charge of the repairs -- nor the victim's
bank accounts.

For sanctions, they should surely be lifted as far as importing and
exporting goods so that the Iraqis can get what they need and also sell
what they can produce on the international market -- i.e., start up what
industries and production they can manage and create employment.

At some point in the future the details of paying what *legitimate*
expenses and debts Iraq has can be considered through a *bona fide*
international legal process.

We should also keep in mind that the US has significant responsibility
for Saddam being and staying in power to being with. Additionally, they
and England bear responsibility for the Islamic extremists gaining
control of Iran after the overthow of the Shah -- who the Americans and
BP installed 50 years ago: "Needing" to set up Iraq and Hussein to battle
against extreme Iran was part of the overall Western program of
manipulation and imperical meddling in the Middle East.

For years the US has been throwing garbage into the environment, and
thought they could get away with it -- some people still do -- but it's
come around to roost. The same shortsightedness can be seen with
politics, but the delayed results do not comprise absolution from

The problem, however, cannot be resolved in the false context of choices:
either give the US control or give the Iraqis no relief (like the black
and white "you are with us or you are with the terrorists"). The US
administration should not be allowed to control the context of the issue
or offer only the possibilities which are are aceptable to US policy
aims. The criminal does not tell the judge what the law is or how the
case should be ajudicated.

While it may not be possible to take the US to task and force it to
comply with the law, we should at least be clear as to what is legal and

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