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[casi] Open Society Institute-Proposed Amendments to SCR- UN Oversight and Monitoring

Source: Open Society Institute, draft Security Council Resolution, 16 May
* Incorporates OSI proposals

Source: Open Society Institute, background memo, 16 May 2003,
* Proposes and explains specific amendments, paragraph by paragraph

Source: Open Society Institute - Washington, DC, "OSI Recommends Changes to
Security Council Resolution on Iraq", 18 May 2003,

Excerpt from "OSI Recommends Changes to Security Council Resolution on


The resolution tabled by the United States and Great Britain appears to be
conciliatory and multilateral in spirit. It acknowledges that both countries
are "occupying powers" and makes reference to the "vital role" of the U.N.
in reconstruction. However, the text of the resolution indicates that the
U.S. and Britain are not simply asking the U.N. to "get out of the way," but
are asking the U.N. Security Council to grant them extensive authority to
run Iraq, to sell the oil, and to use the proceeds as they see fit.

Instead there is a need for the Secretary General to be more involved. There
should be more regular supervision of the occupying powers; the oil fund
should be supervised by a monitoring and advisory board that reports back to
the Security Council periodically.


Nathaniel Hurd
Consultant on United Nations Iraq policy
Tel. (Mobile): 917-407-3389
Fax: 718-504-4224
777 United Nations Plaza
Suite 7A
New York, NY  10017

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