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RE: [casi] UNICEF: Iraq survey finds child health sliding

Thanks very much to AS-ILAS for this key finding and its
associated links. Profoundly disturbing (as in genocidal crime in
progress)  without the figleafs of the WMD and sanctions nonsense, esp. about
re the continuing
grave shortage of cholorine.

  Of course, as I tried to say in the reply to BBC that I shared
with this group (no reply, sadly from this group, but perhaps everyone
is too busy with their own hassles to help out a spelling (sp?) challenged
Yank (hopefully on his way to being a Canadian)), the really meaningful
question that  the brain-dead BBC poll should have asked  is if the US and UK
as occupying powers are now in grave breach of the Geneva Convention and if
war itself could possibly be viewed as anything but  a crime and should S.H.,
Tony and our own august president be sharing
a cell in Belgium or Holland.

  As always, helpful comments most welcome.

>===== Original Message From AS-ILAS <> =====
>Press Centre
>Press Release
>UNICEF: Iraq survey finds child health sliding
>UNICEF finds that acute malnutrition has doubled in past year
>BAGHDAD / GENEVA / NEW YORK, 14 May 2003 - Two months after the start of the
>Iraq war, UNICEF has called for urgent action to halt what it believes is
>the plummeting nutritional status of Iraqi children.

Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. of Expert Systems
George Washington Univeristy Sch. of Business & Public Mgt.
Washington, D.C. 20052

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