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[casi] Reply to BBC question rivaling Fox news

Dear Colleagues,

    As always I value your constructive replies to my toiling within the
belly of the beast. I feel impelled  to share my reply to BBC. I hope
you will also write to this  increasingly debased remnent of a once
credible  news organization to help arrest its slide into  rewrited
press releases from the gov. and bus.  (the American way of "news").

   Since I grow  confident that BBC is continuing to imitate that
peerless U.S.
news source,Fox "news" by:

    1) Asking innane questions designed to distract people with IQ's
above that of room temperature from serious but potentially meaningful =
embarassing questions such as "was the 'war' against Iraq justified?";

    2) I feel BBC wont print  many  "off script" replies   that don't
accept the premise of their  question which is phrased to help in
erasing the any memory of our giants of integrity and wisdom Blair,
Bush, Rumsfeld  et al.  and their insistance that the "war" (read
"slaughter" against Iraq) was necessitated by the WMD problem (apart
from the mother of all WMD, comprehensive economic sanctions which of
course were taboo to raise at all since they were concoted by the

   3) Accordingly I share with CASI my humble reply to the idioticly
framed BBC question:

Is BBC kidding or has it lost the remnants of its integrity to dare ask
"Was the 'War' Justified"? Guess the WMD lie has been exposed by truth,
"the daughter of time". So now let's pretend the US/UK cares about the

Please check UNICEF estimates (partly  reported in the Lancet)
indicating that  US/UK sanctions against Iraq under the figleaf of the
UN resulted in the deaths of well over 500,000 Iraqi children under the
age of 5!

 It is grotesque to think that the US/UK slaughter (not war) of 2003
against Iraq is now being  justified by the crimes of the chap the U.S.
and U.K. supported militarily for so many years in the US/UK's lust for
empire at any price.

Your obed. servent, etc.
T. Nagy, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof.,  Sch. of Bus. & Pub. Mgt. George Washington U., Washington
Investigator, Physicans for Global Survival-Canada in Iraq in Oct, 2002,

Author, "Secret behind the Sanctions", "The Progressive", 2001.

P.s. When will the mighty US/UK war machine permit safe water to stop
the slaughter of Iraqi children? Next  year? Never?

 This murder by delay is particularly odious because all the military
officers in my classes would infinitely prefer to save the Iraqi kids
rather than let them die as a bargaining chip to steal all the oil.
After all they have kids of their own...

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