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Re: [casi] Reconstruction contracts

SAIC  :  Venezuela
[....] "The core of the national strike has been the shutdown of the
state-owned oil company, Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA). This is
having a negative effect on the United States, which imports 15 percent of
its oil from Venezuela. The administration of U.S. President George W. Bush
opposes Chávez but is "[i]ncreasingly concerned about an oil shortage as a
possible war with Iraq approaches," according to the Washington Post, which
says the U.S. government "is preparing a major initiative it hopes will lead
to a breakthrough in deadlocked talks between the government and opposition
there." The initiative includes forming a "Friends of Venezuela" group of
nations, apparently in an effort to upstage a similar effort by Brazil's new
leftist president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. (WP 1/10/03)

Chávez has reportedly discussed the Brazilian plan with Argentine President
Eduardo Duhalde, Chilean President Ricardo Lagos and Uruguayan President
Jorge Batlle. Further discussions are expected January 15, when many Latin
American heads of state meet in Quito for the inauguration of Lino Gutiérrez
as Ecuadoran president. (Clarín 1/9/03)

The Venezuelan government is also receiving support from grassroots and
union groups in other countries. As of January 10, about 200 union, student
and political leaders were planning to drive from Bogotá to Caracas in a
"Caravan of Solidarity with the Government and the People of Venezuela."
(Indymedia Colombia 1/10/03)

The Uruguayan weekly Brecha reports that PDVSA's computer systems are under
the control of a joint venture that includes a U.S.-based multinational with
strong ties to the U.S. military and the CIA. Intesa, which handles PDVSA's
data processing, is a joint venture set up in 1999 between PDVSA and Science
Applications International Corporation (SAIC), whose $2 billion annual
income comes mostly from contracts with U.S. military and intelligence
agencies. SAIC's directors and administrators include former defense
secretaries William Perry and Melvin Laird; former central intelligence
directors John Deutch and Robert Gates; and former National Security Agency
(NSA) director Adm. Bobby Ray Inman. (La Hora (Quito) 1/10/03 from Brecha)

Good luck. pg

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> Not sure if anyone has written anything lengthy on
> this yet (I'm intending to write an article on it
> soon, someone please correct me if I'm wrong and stop
> me making fool of myself): I understand that Creative
> Associates International, one of the recipients of
> USAid contracts, did public relations for the
> post-coup junta in Haiti. ABT Associates, another
> contract recipient, was linked with the ARPA/CIA
> social sciences project camelot (and linked to social
> modeling of Chile, used to assess the likely impact of
> an anti-Allende coup).
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