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[casi] Daily Mail admits Galloway papers are forgeries

To the Labor Party of Great Britain,
Given the clear indications of forgeries, please reinstate
George Galloway back into the Labor Party, with apologies
due, Philippa Winkler

[This is a message from Media Workers Against the War]

From: Stop the War Coalition []
Sent: 12 May 2003 10:01
Subject: Fw: Daily Mail admits Galloway Papers Forgeries

Stop the War Coalition
PO Box 3739, London E5 8EJ
020 7053 2153/4/5/6

Press Release May 11 2003

Witch-hunt falls apart

Already the witch-hunt against George Galloway MP is unravelling. A report
in today's Mail on Sunday reveals that the newspaper has uncovered
evidence that documents incriminating the MP are forgeries.

The Mail had paid 1500 for documents claiming to show that Galloway
received millions of pounds from the Saddam regime. Now the paper admits
that the documents it bought were crude forgeries 'littered with
inaccuracies'. These documents have been used in reports by the Christian
Science Monitor and given credibility in many other newspapers.

This revelation casts further doubt on the recent Telegraph story which
claimed that George Galloway had received 375,000 over several years from
the United Nations oil for food programme. That story was based on
documents miraculously discovered in a burnt out building in Baghdad by
Telegraph reporter David Blair. These documents, written in a crude
literary style with an indecipherable signature at the bottom, formed the
basis of a campaign by the Telegraph to smear the entire anti-war

A spokesman for Stop the War said 'there are many in the Blair government
who are desperate for these allegations against George Galloway to be
true. They hope it will divert attention from the illegality of both the
war and the current occupation of Iraq.'

George Galloway has been suspended from the Labour Party under rule 28a
'bringing the party into disrepute'. This suspension was carried out in a
totally undemocratic manner. The National Executive Committee has not
discussed the suspension and it appears to have been the act of David
Triesman, the general secretary, alone.

Galloway's crime has been his principled opposition to the war on Iraq.
The Stop the War Coalition calls for George Galloway's suspension from the
Labour Party to be lifted immediately and for an independent inquiry into
whether there has been collusion between British security services and
others against the MP.

The Stop The War Coalition fully supports George Galloway against this
vicious witch-hunt and we would strongly urge you to do the following:

Write/phone/fax David Triesman at the Labour Party demanding that Mr
Galloway's suspension is lifted immediately.  Details as follows:

David Triesman
The Labour Party
16 Old Queen Street
London SW1H 9HP
Tel:  08705 900200
Fax:  0207 802 1111

Send messages of support to Mr Galloway on

Petition - We now have in the office Defend George Galloway Petitions.
Please use this at meetings, street stalls and workplaces.

Pass resolutions (model resolution available from the STW office) in your
union branches.

Invite George Galloway to speak at public meetings and union meetings.
(Please phone the office to book him).

The attack on George Galloway is a general attack on the biggest anti war
movement that this country has ever seen and that is why it is vitally
important that we to all that we can to defend him.

Further information contact:
Lindsey German 07810 540 584
Andrew Burgin 07939 242229

For Media Workers Against the War

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