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Manhatten by the Tigris, MacDonalds Heaven - smash and grab raid by any
other name. Shock and awe? Absolutely: at a blatancy Al Capone would have
blushed at. best, f.

Jordan Times, 7th May 2003.

US embassy launches reconstruction website

AMMAN (JT) ‹ The US Embassy in Amman launched a new Iraqi reconstruction
website Tuesday, dedicated to informing companies here about American
government support for Iraq reconstruction efforts and opportunities for
businesses here, according to an embassy statement.
When accessing this new page, users will find information about contracts
awarded to date by the US government and those that remain outstanding.
There are also statements from the American government on reconstruction
activities in the war-torn nation, as well as links to local and
international press reports related to reconstruction activities, according
to the embassy.
The web page can be accessed through at and then
clicking on the ³Iraq Reconstruction² link on the left-hand side of the
US government efforts to begin the reconstruction of Iraq are being led by
the US Department of Defence's Office for Reconstruction and Humanitarian
Assistance (ORHA), in association with the US Agency for International
Development and the US Department of Commerce, according to the statement.
The agencies, the statement added, are helping identify and prioritise
critical reconstruction and humanitarian assistance needs, and are in the
process of contracting private companies with much of the initial
reconstruction work.
Several sector-specific contracts have already been awarded, and additional
contracts are being developed for other sectors as the need is identified,
according to the statement.
These USAID contracts have been competitively bid among American companies
that will serve as primary contractors. The contractors will, in turn,
sub-contract up to 50 per cent of the work to companies around the world in
a transparent, competitive bid process, according to the statement.
Wednesday, May 7, 2003

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