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[casi] Iraq indymedia (fwd)

Dear Listmembers,
A while ago people were asking what groups working in Iraq
would be worth supporting. In that regard, I'm forwarding
this message from Jo Wilding, whom many of us will know
from her courageous and humane reporting from Baghdad.

best wishes,

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Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2003 20:24:32 +0100 (BST)
From: Jo <>
Subject: Iraq indymedia

Iraq Indymedia

Some of my friends in Baghdad are setting up Iraq
Indymedia. They want to start publishing an English
and Arabic newspaper as well as the traditional web
based Indymedia – also in both languages – because
comparatively few Iraqis currently have web access.
It’s the first time in their lives they’ve had the
chance to get their voices heard.

The US/UK military victory was inevitable as soon as
the attack began. The real struggle for Iraqi people
starts now. Now is when they have to fight for their
freedom, their peace, their democracy. Now is the time
they need the attention of the world, need to be
heard. If the occupiers’ and multinationals’
machinations in Iraq are allowed to happen out of
sight the way they did in Afghanistan and the Balkans
then we will have failed the Iraqis.

The legitimisation of existing power brokers, the
importation of favoured new leaders, the use of Iraq’s
debts, the privatisation of oil and public services,
the awarding of lucrative contracts to rebuild and,
for example, for building the mobile phone network,
all need to be constantly scrutinised and opposed. We
need to be taking direct action against the companies
engaging in the grab for the spoils. Rebuilding has to
be a reparation, not an investment.

We need to be undermining dependence on those
companies by changing our own lives, setting up local
structures, growing more food locally, making clothes
in our own areas, buying less stuff, whatever it is we
can do in our own lives, building our communities and
becoming more self governing so governments have less

We need to support the Iraqi people in getting their
voices heard and Indymedia isn’t the whole solution,
but it’s a good start. They need loads of equipment –
computer stuff and office furniture and stuff, but
it’s going to be cheaper and easier to get it there
than transport it from here. They need money, for
buying stuff, for renting a building to serve as the
Independent Media Centre, for bills and for running
the satellite modem they’ve got access to now, which
is the only way to e mail just now. They could do with
a satellite phone and another satellite modem as well,
both of which it would be feasible to carry out there
in luggage. Expertise and skills training might also
be useful.

I’m really excited for them, so if there’s anything
you can donate or do to help, let me know and I’ll
forward it to them.

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