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Re: [casi] Unfree stuff happens to free Iraqis!

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> Subj:Re: [casi] Unfree stuff happens to free Iraqis!
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> Dear Bob and List,
> Your response has made me very sad. This is the
> second time since the occupation of Iraq that
> I have tried to address what seemed to me serious
> concerns about injustice on CASI and failed utterly.

I think it would be a tragedy if people like Elga were to be discouraged. We
are all feeling depressed at what has happened but Elga is right, we do have
to press on as best we can, exposing and hopefully correcting the vile
injustices and crimes that are bound to arise from what has happened.
I share Elga's view that (a)  Making this takeover of Iraq as difficult as
possible for the invaders, or even thwarting some of their nefarious plans,
may act as some    disincentive to further takeovers. We should support any
efforts to deny the Occupiers access to Iraqi money or oil, or any ability to
grant contracts that Iraq will pay for. We should push for UN involvement on
all levels. We should seek to deny the Occupiers any authority to do anything
beyond what the Geneva Conventions allow them.


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