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Re: Re # 1: [casi] Unfree stuff happens to free Iraqis!

># 1: The Impeachment.

OK, but it's Congress who must do that, and they are controlled by the
Republicans. Motivating them requires they feel threatened, by the people
(who currently support Bush), by business who will cut the campaign
funds, or by the administration itself. Ritter may be making sense, but
who is listening?

I don't see way towards this unless there is a financial disaster, or
possible a war that is totally outrageous and unacceptable. Impeachment
is fundamentally a political process in legal clothing. Clinton was
impeached (although not convicted) for political reasons. Perhaps if the
media was turned against Bush it could be done -- but how?

Is there a way for the "good guys" to buy FOX news? Public attitudes are
important, especially if the mass media is part of the equation -- but
particularly so if large masses of people can be persuaded to take some
co-ordinated actions which have a real effect. Marches in the street may
embarrass leaders, but the only *real* power I can think of to use is
electorial or economic. To bring down a giant one attacks the feet, the
part within reach.

Just brainstorming for ways to get more of the public aware -- which
would require financing...

"Radio Free America" -- some kind of radio or tv from an offshore
station, short wave (but how to get the public to buy short wave radios
and listen) or get control of local radio and tv stations (there seems to
be free space on UHF frequencies)

Pamphlets, newspapers, books, direct mailings

Nifty and useful websites and email for those who are online, which also
give information

Wild and crazy publicity stunts with a message attached

produce a movie

Sponsor a tv show in prime time

None of these things are as expensive as world war...

A TV ad with Gandalf (from the movie) warning against the "Dark Lord" or

How do we get people to listen? What will attract their attention and yet
be "respectable"? How do we employ the techniques which have proven
effective for the neo-cons and hawks, and do them one better?

Who else has ideas? Who can the list members ask for help with this
campaigne? What are the resources of this group, and how can they be
combined with other groups to get ourselves coordinated and be effective?
The bad guys are organized -- we have to do that to a greater extent to
go up against them.

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