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[casi] Bush asks sanctions be lifted

If Bush wants sanctions to be lifted then he must believe that Iraq has been
disarmed of its WMD since this was the reason given for the sanctions. But
no WMD were found. The whole rationale for the war must have been a hoax
then since Iraq obviously had none.

On the other hand if Bush still believes, as he claims, that Iraq has WMD he
has no grounds for requesting sanctions be lifted but every reason to get
inspectors back pronto. No sign of this. Planting weapons takes time and the
harvest cant be for a while I guess. Just rumours of bumper crops.

But all this is academic. The real game is to get the UN to give up any
bargaining power and let the US get on with the job of puppet construction
and to use Iraq oil to finance reconstruction by US contractors. Oil for
food needs to be replaced by oil for profits.

Cheers, Ken Hanly

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